Thursday, May 16, 2013

Location and Van New!

After a lot of obstacles in deciding our choice of venue last year, I finally managed to decide and book the venue for my side of the wedding few days ago, yay!

This venue journey was not easy at first. Dad and I were torn between HortPark and CC.

Why HortPark?

1) The ambience is much nicer, it's a park after all.
2) The price is actually comparable to the price of an MPH at a CC, surprisingly.
3) It is somewhere different, a change from the usual void deck and CC.
4) Recently, they decided to allow external caterers instead of using the caterers from their approved list.
5) Ample parking space, at least even more than most CCs can offer.
6) Can book way in advance, like one year in advance.

Why not HortPark?

1) Inconvenient location.
2) Have to book another room specially for changing and for relatives to take a break.
3) Caterer cannot cook and do any washing there.
4) A lot of restrictions for decorators.
5) The hall is smaller.

Photos of Malay weddings at HortPark done by The Wedding Chateau

Super nice decor from TWC

We couldn't decide whether to book HortPark but we didn't in the end because:

1) When we wanted to book, we had to wait as they were doing some minor renovations to their MPH. We thought that if we had to wait, might as well we wait for CC booking.

2) While we were glad that we could engage our own caterer, there cannot be any cooking and washing. Our caterer charged us $1,000 more just for washing of utensils at another place and transporting back to the venue. What if the utensils don't come on time and, dad wasn't keen on disposable utensils.

3) There's an MRT station and a bus stop nearby but it is still not convenient enough for guests because they have to walk for quite a bit into the park and you know how some elderlies will complain whenever they have to walk for 5 to 10 minutes under the sun, or even worse, rain. :/ You can consider chartering a bus if you don't mind the extra expenses.

4) If we book another two rooms, one for changing and one for relatives to take a break, then the price will be much more than CC so I don't know if that's worth it.

5) The decorator I booked did not want to do HortPark, I had to find other decorators if I really do at HortPark. Not many decorators were keen because there were too many restrictions like no hanging and taping of stuff and the ceiling was too low for the pelamin.

So last year, for a period of time I was actually going back and forth on whether to book HortPark. After surverying the place with parents and talked to the caterer and decorator, we decided that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of doing there even though the place is lovely! Prettier than CC la. I think that's the only advantage HortPark has over CC, that the place is pretty. And it was really stressful getting another decor to do up the place as most were booked or, they have no experience doing at HortPark or, they charge above my budget for the decor.

So few days ago Dad was around the CC area and he asked me to just book the venue. By right we still have about 2 weeks before we can actually book, but being stubborn he still wanted to try his luck and ask if we can book now. His stubborness paid off cause the CC people were really nice and we managed to book the venue! The lady showed us where the changing rooms were and where will the caterers be doing the cooking and washing.

I also have Noman's friend to thank for making the booking process easier. Heh. Cause it can be quite hard to book a CC with the 6 months in advance rule. I also know of some people who couldn't get their choice CC. :/ I was mentally prepared that we will not get our first choice CC so I also thought of alternative CCs, but we got our first choice! Thankfully. :)

With that, I now have 6 months plus away from the wedding. 6 months of salary left to save. 6 months to do all the other minor bookings such as henna and cards. 6 months to do my DIY dulang and bunga pahar. 6 months to source for favours. 6 months to plan and book honeymoon. 6 months before I become a housewife. Seriously?


  1. 6 months!! EXCITING GILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! wooooo <3 insyallah!!!

    1. Hahaha you just made me laugh okay I'm slowly freaking out. Haha.