Thursday, August 7, 2014

Start Of Another Journey

Baby is kicking more and harder now. I had my check up during Ramadhan and the gynae told me not to fast because I was very dehydrated when I went for check up that day. Hmm, not surprising cause even when I am not fasting, I don't really like drinking water because it makes me bloated and makes me feel like peeing like every hour, or even more often than that.

Anyway, after shortlisting a few companies, meeting them and weighing the pros and cons, we have finally decided on the company to do our reno! Still thinking if we should take partial loan or not. The baby, furniture and appliances expenses made me feel like taking up loan but the thought of repaying every month, plus interest, is not what we actually wanted. We are probably taking the partial loan, not full because I'll feel bad taking up such a huge loan.

The lady who's handling our reno gave us samples of laminates and paint colours to have an idea of what exact shade of colours to choose. But I am still confuse on what I want specifically. Despite going through pages after pages of inspiration online, I still don't know what to choose. I mean, I have the idea, I just don't know if whatever I choose will turn out nice and whatever I choose will be easy to maintain. Like I mentioned before, I want the Scandinavian look which is mostly white, but will white laminates turn yellow over time? :/ So many things to think about. But still, I am excited for the renovation!

What I've been staring at the past few nights. 

Few days ago I gave HDB an email and a few calls to ask for an earlier key collection date. If I wait any longer, I won't get my house before baby is delivered. See, I am living with my in-laws and they're working. They also have to look after Zai's grandmother. Since my in-laws won't be around during my confinement, I asked for my parents' help. If I don't have my own place ready, my parents can't stay in to help me! They are living in JB and I can't possibly go there during confinement and my baby has no passport too. :/

I explained to the HDB officer my situation and surprisingly he gave me quite an early date, which is next week on the 11th Aug. Considering that those who already received their appointment dates before me, are only collecting their keys end of this month. So yay! Which made my ID chase me for so many things like laminate colours, size of oven, hood and hob, flooring colours, air-con. :/ So many things that Zai and I (mainly me) are rushing for just so that the house will be ready by mid September before baby pops.

Anyway, here's a list of things I've gotten so far:
1. Sharp Refrigerator - $531
2. Samsung Washing Machine - $300
3. Mitsubishi Air-con - $2799
4. Ariston Oven
5. Ariston Hob
6. Ariston Hood - $1149 for all 3 items

Prices not including delivery and extended warranty. I got the refrigerator and washing machine at a cheap price cause we went to Best Denki's warehouse sale and got the display sets. Haha when we reached, there were actually a lot of display sets sold already then the sales person told us that we could just buy the display sets at 20% off. The display sets were as good as new! Still wrapped in plastic and styrofoam. We got our choice of refrigerator at display set price but not washing machine but it's okay. We downgraded our washing machine and got another model at the display set price.

Got our ID to settle the air-con for us. After comparing prices, her contact's price is still cheaper than outside cause her contact has some National Day promo going on. Got our oven, hob and hood at a package sale price too with free gifts and a free baking class which I am asking my mom to go instead haha. Cause I know she'll be interested in all these.

So what now?
- Decide flooring colour
- Decide whether to have lots of white laminates (worried they'll turn yellow)
- Decide whether to have tiles or glass for kitchen backsplash

I think I have more things to decide but I can't remember all of them now. Settling the reno and being 8 months pregnant (soon) at the same time, is no joke. 


  1. I don't think the laminates will turn yellow. The one i have at home is Light Beige and it's still the same colour as 3 years ago. Love laminates because it's so fuss free and i know how hard it is to decide on colours! Lol
    Cos sometimes u like the grain patterns but not the colour and vice versa. So exciting to get your keys next week! Hope everything goes smoothly for you and your parents can help you with the confinement!

    1. Thank you! :) I think light beige, light grey and cream won't end up looking yellowish but pure white is different and somehow will end up yellow. But if what you said is true for pure white also, then it's good news for me! Haha.

  2. My very white kitchen hasn't turned yellow (yet?) hahha.

    1. Okay, after reading your comment, I decided to have white eventually. Heheh thank you for somehow convincing me! :D

  3. Looks like everyone is going with light laminates. So are we! Small spaces call for brighter colors?

    1. Yeah too small a space in fact! Haha. I hope I can maintain the white laminates though!

  4. Happen to stumble upon your blog and I feel you with being pregnant and dealing with the renovation! and i say go for white laminate. All the best with both pregnancy and renovation. :)

    1. Thank you! I guess you're going through the same thing? :) Yeah it's really tiring to be getting keys and starting reno especially only in third trimester for my case. :/ I hope everything goes smoothly for you too.. We can do it! Hahah. Oh and yes I really went with the white laminates, I hope no regrets in future haha. Thanks for the encouragement! Hehe.