Thursday, July 18, 2013


The reason why I wanted my wedding to be at the end of the year was so that I could go for my honeymoon longer without much worry about work. End of the year is when I am more free from work. So including my marriage leave, I will have 5 weeks to spare, (instead of 3 weeks mid year and nothing else, other than those two times of the year). I plan to use my leaves as follows.

Week 1: Prepare for wedding.
Week 2: Spend time with cousins from KL who came all the way down, spend time with family who has been helping me with the wedding, shift some of my things to his place and go visiting to relatives' houses.
Week 3: Still on leave.
Week 4: Still on leave.
Week 5: Still on leave.

So you see we can have 3 weeks for honeymoon and we decided to make use of the full 3 weeks. First time I'm going holiday to somewhere far, that's why want to go all out. Hah. 

We pretty much decided on going Europe although we know it's winter and it can get quite unbearable during winter. Like I said, December is the only time we can go anywhere far for a longer period of time. So we're having a dilemma on the Euro trip, which we still haven't booked by the way because of this dilemma. We shortlisted 5 cities for the 3 weeks out of the many we wanted also like Greece, Prague, Scotland, Norway etc! 

(In alphabetical order)
1. Amsterdam (3 days)
2. London, England (5 days)
3. Milan, Italy (3days)
4. Paris, France (5 days)
5. Switzerland (4 days)
Total: 20 days
Traveling time: 1 day plus.

1. Amsterdam

 2. London, England

 3. Milan, Italy

 4. Paris, France

 5. Switzerland

I tried to show pictutes of the cities in snow since we're going in winter then I realised they all look the same in snow. Haha. Okay anyway, why these 5 cities?

We want to experience the culture (of drugs and red light district haha) in Amsterdam. And we want to go Milan because it's very near Swiss, it's hard to leave out Italy for a Euro trip. We know that in Amsterdam and Milan we don't have anything much in mind to see, that's why we put them 3 days each.

We have a long list of places to see in London and Paris. London is his must-go city because of Liverpool. Paris is my must-go city because of Eiffel Tower which I have fascinated over many years and even hung a picture of it in my room. So we put 5 days each for the two cities.

And as for Switzerland, it's a different feel from the above cities mentioned. It's pretty in winter and we want to include sceneries into our itinerary as well, not that the other cities have no sceneries but the others are more of buildings.

But after much thought, maybe it'll be better to be less ambitious and just stick to either 3 or 4 countries, leaving out Amsterdam only because it's out of the way from the rest. Furthermore, their tulips are not growing in winter. :(

Option 1:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Switzerland
4. Milan
5. Amsterdam

Pros: Get to see all the 5 cities we aim to go!

Cons: Might be rushing, spend less time in each city. Expensive to spend on transport. Need a lot of planning. Probably tiring.

Option 2:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Switzerland
4. Milan (Maybe can 'drop by' other cities like Venice)
(No Amsterdam)

Pros: Can see extra cities in Italy like Venice.

Cons: Spend more on transport and shopping. Might be rushing. No point going Italy if we don't go Rome, hah.

Option 3:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Switzerland
(No Amsterdam and Milan)

Pros: Not rushing, can spend more time in each city. Spend lesser on transport and shopping.

Cons: See lesser cities. We probably spend about the same on accommodation with other options seeing that all options I plan to stay 3 weeks.

Which option will you guys choose if you're a first timer to Europe? Hmm. Some say I can always go Europe again to see Amsterdam and Italy during other times of the year. When I can see the tulips in Amsterdam and when I can spend time on more cities in Italy, especially Rome.

To be honest, I don't know if I will go Europe again because we need to save for the house renovation and furniture for the whole of next year (2014), which we will get somewhere between June and September. And who knows we will be blessed with addtional family members (babies) in 2015 or even before that. So you know, going to Europe once is already enough to last me a lifetime I'm not sure if I will go again. I probably want to see other places like Maldives and US. Although I wish to go again if I have the means!

Boss approve marriage leave ready need to book flights! But can't decide.


  1. Option 2 looks good but I do see your point about "no point going Italy if we don't go Rome". Maybe save Italy for another trip and visit Venice, Rome, Milan?
    Maybe London, Paris, Amsterdam and Switzerland for now? Since London, Paris and Amsterdam are not too far, abt 1+ hour flight, and you seem to really wanna go Switzerland since it's in all your 3 options hehe

    1. Haha guess what. My fiancé was juuuuust saying lets just skip Switzerland and go Italy including Rome instead so yeah. Another option. :/ Actually I do agree the whole of Italy can make up an entire trip because there are just too many places to go in Italy. Thanks for the input! :)

    2. Ohh haha.. Paris London Milan Rome sounds good too!

    3. :)) Yeah torn between Rome and Switzerland cause Switzerland is pretty too! Heh. All wanna go la but cannot.. Haha.

  2. amboiiii kemain lagi honeymoon awak noh

    1. Haha once in a long while je.. Every year like this can bankrupt!

  3. Hi! So sorry this comment came abit late. Haha but I was just thinking about my honeymoon plans as well and how unbearable the weather will be in Winter! Since you're going first, don't forget to blog your experience ok! So exciting! :)

    1. Haha yes I will brave the cold first and blog about how I survive (or not) the cold k. Haha. I cannot stand cold! I expect winter to be unbearable for me. :/ That's why I am preparing all my winter gears now haha.