Monday, May 20, 2013

Pretty Jars

I am thinking of small jars as wedding favours but now I have to think of what to put inside the jar and how to decorate the jar. I thought of nuts, chocolates, honey, jam, cake, cookies, pumpkin seeds, any other ideas? So far I am only interested in dry food so no honey, jam and cake. I was looking for ideas on how to decorate the jars and I came across this on, where else but Pinterest haha.

My parents actually received this honey jar before,
look exactly like that.

The focus for this jar is the inside. Ingredients for hot chocolate!

 I like these actually!

And as I was searching for ways to decorate the jars, I also came across other lovely ways you can use the jars for!

The lamp thingy is so awesome, haish can I have this at my wedding?!

LIGHT BULB also can be pretty ah?!

Speaking of which, last year we went for a picnic for our anniversary and I made some food in jars. We try to do these things when it comes to our special days but I guess the enthusiasm is decreasing as the years pass by. =x


Ony the shepherd pie was okay. The pasta and cupcakes, I don't think they were nice hah.

Anyway, I bought the cloth for my photoshoot dress which I wanted in mint green if you remember. BUT, I decided not to get mint green already because what if my photoshoot venue is at somewhere with lots of greeneries? I will blend into the background with my green dress, no? So to avoid looking like I'm part of the scenery, I chose another colour. :/


  1. Wow min your picnic last year ws so nice and looks like something off pinterest! Especially the cupcake close-up! Syabas! Tapi asal nanak buat lagi? Lol

    1. You have been MIA! Thank you btw! But the rainbow cupcake fail pasal tak sedap haha. Bukan nanak buat lagi but I guess after some time, just having dinner together would suffice. But so far, we tryyyyy to keep up the effort every year. Hee.