Friday, July 12, 2013


So happy when I received the sketch of my wedding dress design from the bridal vendor (which is Hambali the Wedding Regalia).

It's not finalised yet though. I am customising the dress but I won't be keeping it, the bridal company will keep it. I don't think I will make use of it and even though it's nice to keep your wedding dress for memories' sake, I think it's more practical for me to save the money and use it on something else rather than keeping the dress. If budget is not an issue, I will probably keep it. Although customising the dress means I have to fork out extra money, at least I don't have to fork out everything cause the bridal company will be paying for it as well. So I get to be the first to wear it, get to design my own dress, and get to only pay a fraction of the cost of customising. Just that the company will keep it.

As usual I thought of having it in mint green but Hambali won't be able to reuse my dress if it's in mint green because according to him not many brides will go for a mint green dress. Really ah? So I am thinking of other safe colours besides white. I refuse white because I want white to be for the solemnisation only. I don't want more than one outfit to be in white. I'm thinking of other safe colours.

Bought this stamp last week including the ink pads and I love it cause I love stamps and I find the design nice. There are many other designs as well. Cheap too! Probably use this on the invitation cards. Which I have to order by end of this month.

Plan to look for our gift trays decor stuff tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be productive and not one of those days where we didn't get anything much done in the end. :/

Lastly, did our Save the Date shoot last week and I like the outcome! This wasn't in our initial plan but on one random day, I just told him out of the blue let's do this. It was quite impromptu. The next day I got paints, brush and wooden plank from Daiso for the prop and that was it, we took photos the next day. It was raining at first which dampened my mood, literally! Then we went to watch Despicable Me 2 until the rain stopped. We finished the entire shoot in an hour, only took a few shots. :)

The pink glitter looks nice by itself when you squeeze it out but when you actually use it to paint, the colour didn't stand out at all. Quite translucent pink. I had to re-do my prop due to the pink glitter. Thankfully, the other side of the wooden plank can be used. :/ And due to my lack of artistic skills the prop turned out ugly the first time. The pearl green is nice! Has a shiny sheen to it.

This is my second try at doing the prop, which is a wooden board with our wedding date on it. I decided not to use the pink except at the borders, and to paint the base white first so that the date can stand out better. Also decided to use navy blue instead of just using pink and green. Changed to cursive font for the month too. You wanna know how it looked like if you turn the wooden board over to the other side? 

Previously it looked like this okay! Simple thing like this also can turn out ugly when it comes to me haha. Really cannot make it. So yeah the second try was much better. Will let you guys see the photos when it's time!

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