Sunday, January 5, 2014

Post Wedding

Not sure who is still reading this little space of mine but I think it's about time I talk at length about the wedding or honeymoon. Except that I don't have anything much to say about the wedding but some photos to share instead. Did it go as planned? Pretty much except a few hiccups here and there such as:

1) Zai forgot his gloves for his number 1 uniform at his side of the wedding, but managed to wear for my side.

2) My MOH forgot to give out the corsages she and her sister-in-law made just for the wedding. It's a pity because she handmade them all. :(

3) We came back late from his side of the wedding and few of our bridesmaids and groomsmen haven't reached yet when we marched in at my side.

4) Orkes Mutiara didn't play the song I wanted for my nikah entrance but played it much later instead.

Other than those minor hiccups, I can't think of anything else for now. I stated 13 things I love about it and yes, some of those things still make me smile. Like Zai's surprise singing for me. :) Some photos for viewing pleasure!

My shoes! I have another pair for my gold tone sanding outfit but not captured by photog. Anyway the gold one is just plain gold.

Eating hotcakes at Hambali's office hah.

My DIY tray.

My really simple DIY guestbook. :)

Guestbook table. 

Yes I succumbed to having the pretty chairs.

Bridesmaids and gift trays entrance.

Didn't even get to try the ice cream. :(

I love this mint green cake. 

Eat me! 

Hahaha Gwiyomi!

At his side with his family. :)

Bridesmaids and groomsmen entrance for the modern outfit.

My unprepared speech.

My ribbon moment!

Touched. Haha.

I have two photographers and these are only from one of them. Have not seen what the other one captured. Has marriage life changed me? To be honest, I haven't really felt drastic change yet because we've only been married for about a month and we've been away on honeymoon for the 3 weeks of it. Except that now we're living together and shuttling between his place and mine that are far from each other.

I'll be getting the house this year which means I need lots of money for the renovation, furniture and electrical appliances and I'm really torn between traveling and having a proper furnished home. This used to be a debate between traveling and having a splendid wedding. I think I compromised my wedding to a certain extent to have my 3 weeks Europe trip. I'm not that well off to have the best of both worlds. I know there's a blog entry going viral on FB about exploring Europe in 3 weeks with just 2k but trust me, it is not as easy as that.

So this year's dilemma is between traveling and having a proper furnished home. I think most will choose to spend on the house, because that will be more practical? Hmm. Am I the only crazy one who's 50-50 over a house and a trip to somewhere far?

I super love the honeymoon by the way, even though I was home sick for a bit. We didn't regret going on a free & easy trip at all, in fact I'm glad we did. :) I'll tell you why in the next entry!


  1. Lovely pictures. Lovely wedding. Congratulations Min!! You were really beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you! Too kind of you. I felt that I look different because I am not used to smiling with teeth and that day I was told by many to just smile with my teeth haha.

  2. hi min, u look great! anyway min, u beli kasot wedding kat mana... cantik lah ada flower lagi..;-)

    1. Hehe thanks! Cheap cheap from Far East Plaza. I got the other one (not pictured) from Payless. Not my dream kinda shoes but shoes is one of the things I compromised and did not want to spend on. Have not seen the shoes since the wedding day hahah. Cause I know I won't use them again. :P

  3. GORGEOUS PHOTOS OF A GORGEOUS WEDDING! Nice nice, min min! <3 And all your DIYs worked out for you! Hopefully mine will too!

    1. Thank you pretty Ili! I have great confidence in you that your DIYs will be awesome! :))) Don't worry! Confirm jadi. Ahhaha. Tak sengaja rhyme.

  4. Gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous bride :) I suka sangat lah your outfit where your hubby wore his uniform. The back of it is to die for! Really what you call a baju pengantin. Classy!

    1. You're too kind la! I thought it was too simple. I actually customised that outfit and specifically asked for the back to be like that. Hehe. Thank you!