Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Entry From Phone

I finally downloaded the blogger app for phone. Which means, I'll be blogging slightly more often now! I can even blog while lying in bed. Which is what I'm doing right now. So convenient!

Exam is oh-ver! My very last paper of my uni life. Results won't be out until end month but I'm pretty sure I can make it this time. School holidays are also coming and the family is going somewhere further for the first time. Further than the usual Malaysia. Not exactly looking forward because I'm trying to save up and going on a holiday with a tight budget is not so fun.

Should I talk about the wedding preparations too? It's still a long way to go but believe me, some of the vendors I wanted are already booked on my date. Which caused me to panic for a bit and start sourcing for other vendors.

So far, the wedding prep journey has been manageable. With a few disagreements here and there. A few things I'm upset about. It won't be a smooth sailing journey, but I hope things will get easier along the way. It's a mix of emotions. I'm excited, scared and worried all at the same time. I can foresee myself being a bridezilla towards the end. =x

Just some updates on it, I've booked a few vendors for the big day. Not yet book the major ones though. Pretty much decided but got to finalize a few things before booking. Each time I book something, I can hear the "kaching" sound. My money is gone just like that. :/ And if you think I'm efficient, there are other bride-to-bes who are even more efficient than I am.

At the end of everything, no matter what the outcome is, I'm sure I'll be one happy bride on that day. (Calling myself a bride sounds weird! I'm so not ready.)

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