Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I've been going to Jakel at JB quite a number of times the past few weeks. To do the following things:

1) Buy sisters raya cloth
2) Buy cloth for my photoshoot dress
3) Tailor dad's baju for the wedding

I love looking at all the beaded lace and the beaded chiffon in all the colours. So nice but I didn't take photos of them, if not I can show you girls how nice some of their cloths are. Comes with a price though. The new Jakel is even bigger and better so there were many new designs when I went those few times.

I already bought my cloth for raya end of last year at Jakel KL. I also bought my sisters' and mom's cloth for the wedding at that time, without them. But, mom said the cloth I got her was too plain. :/ Okay, fine I agree. I guess that was my taste but probably not up to mak pengantin's standard. So I got mom another set of cloth after that, which is lacy and bling. Spend again. :/ This time, she chose the cloth. So cloth for my mom and sisters settled. Just haven't send to the tailor.

And 2 weeks ago, Dad finally got his baju for my wedding tailored at JB's Jakel. Their men's department is good I think. There's like a section for men (with armchairs) and it is lined with all the different types of men's cloth. They do all kinds of baju for men, baju melayu, coat, jubah, shirt, all in many variations. Their samping songket also nice, but price also nice. Haha. By the way, I felt guilty for being a little harsh on dad, cause whatever he suggested I said not nice. =x

The colour I chose for my family to wear is my current favourite colour after mint green. I wonder when will I snap out of my mint green phase. My dad thinks my choice of colour is not nice cause it's colour orang muda. So, I don't know if it will look nice on him? :/ He decided to just follow my theme colour in the end. He was a little excited he decided not to do a typical baju melayu (I'm the first to get married and both my sisters won't get married any time soon since the 23 year old sister doesn't even have a boyfriend yet and my other 16 year old sister is still too young). He wanted to do the baju Raihan or baju Mahathir. Haha. So I agreed since it is still better than his first choice of baju, which is a coat. -.- My wedding will not even be at a hotel or anything equally grand so a coat is really too grand for a typical Malay wedding held at a CC (probably) I feel. So now, dad's baju settled. :)

Also I am going again this weekend to get the cloth for my photoshoot dress. From the many visits there, I already know which type of cloth in which exact colour I want to get. Hopefully it's still there! Remember I like this a lot?

Since I can't find anything else as simple and as nice (to me la) as this, I thought of just tailoring it. The cloth is not even expensive (RM10 per meter after 50% discount) and the design is doable for a typical affordable tailor at JB. The length is too short for my parents' standard by the way, so mine will be longer.

We need to look out for his photoshoot outfit too, but we sort of already have an idea of what he's going to wear. Before we came to that idea though, this was how our conversation went:

Him: Let's wear something that describes us.
Me: Okay but what?
Him: Let's be in sports attire. We do a sports theme shoot.
Me: -.- That describes you, only. Not me at all!

It'll be nice to do that if we both are into sports but hmm I don't really like sports that much? Although I look forward to PE lessons back in school but, not so much until I want to have a sports theme shoot. Hah.

Another thing, I am slowly losing focus on the wedding cause I keep researching on honeymoon. Where to go, what to do, how many days to go, how much are the flight tickets, how much are the hotel rooms. It's getting out of control now the way I research on the honeymoon. And I don't even know if we've finalized on the destination yet? :/

To me nothing is confirmed until we finally book our flights. Although I am really hoping we will go somewhere with winter, thus I inserted some winter wear in my wish list. Haha! Okay la even if I am not going anywhere winter, I can use it for next time okay. I'm sure I'll experience winter some day. We have 3 more months before we can even book flights! Can't wait! Told you I am looking forward to the honeymoon more. =x Goes to show I am deprived of holidays and in desperate need for one.


  1. min! you betol hantu mint green! hahaha

    1. Hahaha am I the only person around here who thinks mint green is nice? My wedding day probably no mint green so I incorporate into photoshoot.. Family wearing fav colour after mint green, which is blue! Memang hantu for now but I think will phase out la sooner or later. Tunggu time to move on to the next colour je. I always change favourite colour hehe.

  2. Mint green mmg lawaaa apa!! I agree! cuma I cant wear mint green, makes me look more puffy than I already am!! hehehe tapi its a gorgeous colour, sooothing to look at!

    and what are ur honeymoon choices? maybe u can make a list, den slowly cut down cut down after you weigh pros and cons of each destination gradually! (:

    1. You so fair! Nice with mint green sey.. My mom said that colour mati, pucat and pudar. Ade ke patut?! Hahaha. We shortlisted a few choices at first and finally decided on one. But, still need to look at our budget etc so we can't confirm anything now. Maybe in 3 months time. :(

  3. I love mint green too! And I'm dressing my mom, sisters, and sister-in-law (and probably my nieces) in mint green for my wedding! And for the men, a darker shade, kind of like emerald but a cooler? Don't know how to describe it. But it's a gorgeous colour!

    1. My family will be wearing Tiffany blue because I want to have mint green for other parts of the wedding hehe. But I didn't think about the men wearing a darker shade, that's a good idea. Although my dad is the only man and is still stuck with the light shade of Tiffany blue since he bought his kain ready. Haha.