Thursday, July 4, 2013


You know how excited I can get when it comes to DIY and then very quickly my excitement turns to boredom. I tried to make this pom pom balls but it didn't turn out as nice as pictures, duh.

Mine doesn't look as nice as the above, as I expected.

So how did I do my pom pom balls?
I wind the yarn around my fingers many times, maybe 100 times. 2, 3 or 4 fingers depends on how big you want it to be.

Then I carefully remove them from my fingers maintaining it's 'shape' and put the bunch right in the middle of another long string.

Use that long string to tie a knot around  that bunch of strings.

Cut the 'loop' part for both sides.

Then you'll get this uneven ball.

Just trim the ball and you're done!
Hmm mine didn't turn out well la huh.

There are a few ways to do that and I actually followed this way. The other way requires more work haha. I just went to my sister's room, found a ball of yarn and tried doing. I think mine is not fluffy enough and I should trim more. Either I try again or I give up.

Speaking of DIY flowers, do check Peska Pop on FB out! They have pretty hair accessories and brooches all hand made! Really DIY one. Carefully hand sewn and stitched and you can customise whether you want it on hair tie, hair band, clips or pins as brooch also. They have this July promo going on before raya.

And lastly, her daughter is so cute right?! I am quite afraid of cats so she saved me from the cat quite a few times haha.
She's not scared of the cats at all and she's only 2 plus!

Moving on to something more serious, we booked our Tok Kadi ready! Before that argue with Zai on the nikah time first. =x He wanted 10am and I preferred 11am you see. And there was no 10.30am slot, why?! So I relented and we booked the earlier slot.

He wanted his first choice kadi so badly that he tried to book it at 12 midnight. Who is Sallim Bin Jasman by the way. But his workplace had no reception or something so he only managed to book at 1am. I was, of course asleep by then. I have to wake up at 4.30am every day for work okay. So before I slept I sent him my wali and saksi details on top of my details. Also sent him our solemnisation venue address.

But he still had to call me at 1am plus to confirm some things like my house phone number, which I don't even have. Because I was too sleepy I said I will message him a house number. But I fell asleep right after putting down the phone and he had to call again haha. So I just gave my grandmom's house phone number. :/ I should have given my parent's handphone number come to think of it. Okay anyway it's settled.

Oh and mom said my aunt agreed to bake the cookies for my favours. Whaaaaat that's about 6000 cookies all together. We'll see how. Surveyed wedding cards with parents too and still surveying.

Okay, I guess that's all for today.

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