Thursday, August 1, 2013

Panic Attack

Quite wordy entry with no photos ahead.

I am panicking over my photoshoot and my invitation cards now. I feel like I have a lot to do for these two things.

Haven't decided on the second photoshoot outfit and who is going to do my hair for that. At first I thought of doing a less formal one with just a simple tailored dress. Then we decided to have two outfits and the second outfit should be a formal one. That's when I decided to get the second dress from my bridal company but if it's a formal shoot for the second outfit, I need somebody to do my hair and make up. I thought of my mak andam for make up cause I want a trial make up from her anyway. Maybe I can ask her to do my hair, probably at an extra charge. Then once I change to a less formal outfit, do I keep the same hair style? Cause the mak andam won't follow us for the shoot. Plus, I haven't even book her! And Zai has not gotten both his outfits as well. It's in about five weeks from now. :/ We have a lot to do.

As for the invitation cards, I've made the deposit already. But they haven't send me the drafts yet. I haven't decided on which design (I have a few in mind), haven't double confirm time of wedding, haven't ask my dad for other details such as the 'turut mengundang' part. And my map! Should I just print screen? It's not nice. But to do like how Another Accidental Bride did is too time consuming for me cause my venue has a lot of blocks nearby and the map's quite complicated. In fact I tried and did okay for the roads but gave up at the blocks. Hah. Contemplating of not having all those blocks (just roads) in the map but feedback said I should have the blocks.

Stress ready.

And dad got me thinking about marriage life when he talked about the number of things we have to pay in future and how our lives are going to change. I mean I knew all these before just that it feels more real now. :/ Like what if I can't cope with all the changes. I am very bad at adapting to changes.

Before that I was complaining to him about certain things which I think is his fault. I felt bad also cause he said he is doing everything he's doing now so that he won't trouble me when he's old. He said that one day I will be busy with my own life and that I won't have time for him when he's old. I really hope that's not the case. Haiya. Then I felt bad for complaining and blaming him for those things. This always happens. :/

On a slightly happier note, Zai and I decided to add in one more city, which is Amsterdam, to our Euro trip! Wee wee! We booked all our connecting flights already, only left with accommodation and some attractions. :)

Okay I am still panicking over the two things above and I still feel bad about my dad. Bah.


  1. Hi dear! If you have some $$$ to spare, search @spinsugarstationery on instagram or head to She's based in sg and designs custom location maps for invitations. I did ask her for a quote, it's $70 which I feel is a reasonable price for the work she produces. Do check her out ya :)

    And another thing, I'm planning for my euro trip also, and I tengah pening ni when trying to arrange our transportation routes via rail. Any tips? Thank you :)

    1. Thank you! I looked her up and her cards are so pretty! I got excited looking at them haha. $70 sounds pretty reasonable. Those hand drawn ones I saw on Etsy are about $200 I think because they're hand drawns.

      Wee sounds exciting! Which places are you going? My routes between countries are by Europe's budget flights (like Easy Jet) instead of rail actually. So I can make booking now. You can do a search which is cheaper. In some cases, taking a flight is cheaper and faster than rail. Usually 1 hour plus to neighbouring countries by flight but can be between 3 to 6 hours by rail. Don't forget about paying for baggage check in for flights though.

      And because I want to experience the train ride as well, I'll be taking trains between cities in the country itself, instead of between countries. If you wanna go by rail, you have to wait until few months before the date before they open for booking. But you can look at the website now for rough guide and prices. There are a few sites you can book from and some are more expensive (like a Singapore or US site) so you may want to book from their local UK/France/Germany site. They will either send you an e-ticket or ask you to collect it somewhere, which can be worrying if you can't find the place or they can't retrieve your booking.

      If you're not confident about booking online, you can go to some travel agencies and tell them of your plans and what you want. They can help to settle and book all the rail tickets for you. Just tell them the dates and destination. :)