Monday, August 12, 2013


Finally did the wedding vendors tab above. Here is a list of vendors for our big day:

1. Caterer - Doulath Catering
2. Decor - Jentayu Gallery
3. Bridal - Hambali The Wedding Regalia
4. Photographer - HS Creative & Chase Hasemi
5. Videographer - CST

6. Entertainment - Orkes Mutiara
7. Cake - Perfect Frosting
8. Guestbook Service - From'de Heart
9. Favours - SSF & Aunt
10. Photoshoot - Bliss Photocinema

11. Marriage Course - Suchi Success
12. Kompang - Rehlah Nayyla
13. Bunga Pahar - Peska Pop
14. Gift Trays - DIY
15. Cards - Adam Hawa Kreatif (JB)

Did I miss anything out besides henna? I'll be doing that at JB. Car will be from his aunt. No sirih dara and as for bunga rampai might change to chocolates instead.

Three months plus till the big day but I am going to be Maid of Honour (MOH) first before that! I am the MOH for my MOH's wedding next month. Confusing right. My best friend is getting married 2 months before me and we are each other's MOH haha. And I should really start finding something to wear for her dinner reception and help her out with her gift trays and start writing my speech or something!

My lunch reception outfit of the day from her. :)

Short rant ahead. Waiting for some vendors to reply can be a pain at times. Despite giving ample time and a few reminders and still be calm, yet still no reply? If Zai take that long to reply me, he'll be dead. Hah.

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya girlies (and guys if any others are reading other than Zai)! This year Zai and I are wearing purple batik theme, it was his suggestion. So next year I will get to choose the colour and design. Hopefully we don't argue again on who gets to choose the colour. Haha. It was supposed to be my turn this year but he insisted on that purple batik. -.-

My last year celebrating hari raya with my family as a single. Dad had to remind me of that fact when we were all seeking forgiveness in the morning of first day but the feeling of sadness was just not there yet. I'm just not sentimental and in my mind I don't have any thoughts of 'leaving' my family, just being away on some days, that's all. Maybe the sadness hasn't sunk in yet. And almost every house we went, my mom will announce my wedding date to everyone (which is in about 3 months time and I'm panicking a little now!). I didn't know how to react when people started calling me 'pengantin' I just smiled and wanted to hide away from the awkwardness.

What's more awkward? When my family went to Zai's house for raya and my mom had to remind Zai's mom for like a few times that I can't cook. You don't know how embarrassed I was. Am. Bare. Res. Sing. Save me.

Before I go, wanna say that I've been buying cheapo winter wear such as shawls and gloves online that Zai is beginning to wonder if I am migrating there. I can't help it that some shawls are pretty and some gloves are cute. 

Oh and lastly I can't wait to do up his room which will turn into our room after the wedding. Haha. We're gonna shuttle between his place and mine. Nothing much to be done to my room cause everything's almost new and working. And my room already has a queen size bed. Maybe he has no space to put his clothes that's all. Cause my wardrobe is full to the max, it can't breathe anymore. He doesn't have much clothes anyway (compared to mine). Other than that, my room's pretty much okay for him to move in. He's a simple man, he can sleep anywhere anytime in any condition. No fuss. Hah.


  1. Hurhur, lucky your man can just selit and sleep anywhere. But closet issue really sucks seh. Hubby thought he didn't need much closet space. But when he moved in he got a shock at just how full my closets were. Kesian. But told him to bersabar. Hahaha!

    1. Hahaha I should warn my fiancé now so he won't be shocked. But then again I think he knows ready seeing how much I shop before this. =x Bersabar je la.. Haha!