Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Start of Busy Days

I tried to make use of my one week break from work last week by running wedding errands so I cramped quite a number of things to do last week. In fact, it was less than a week because I had to go back to work for two days. So I made list of what to do and at the end of it all, this was what I managed to do:

1. Survey things at Ikea for his room.
2. Send cloths for gift trays' base to the tailor.
3. Completed base for gift trays.
4. Photoshoot.
5. Purchase and alter photoshoot dress.
6. Finalise design for invitation cards.
7. Go for trial make-up.
8. Refine honeymoon itinerary.

Yes, decided to go Disneyland thanks to most of you who voted for me to go haha.

Things I planned to do but didn't manage to:
1. Go ROMM
2. Purchase things from Ikea for his room.
3. Refine wedding reception itinerary.
4. Book accommodation for London & Switz.
5. Send cards for printing.

And look at this, after a while we just got tired wishing each other monthly that it got as short as this.

Anniversary also lazy to spell, although it was not our anniversary more like 'monthsary'. How many years and months also lazy to count. Haha. Actually I think we're just tired from work. Every day staying awake is a battle for me. Wake up at 4.30am every weekday and 6am every Saturday. Reach home late at night and only have 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night is no joke. By the end of the week I am dead tired.

Anyway I enquired Bonito by Bob on their gift trays (thanks to some of you who blogged about them), just to be busybody although I know I have already bought my DIY stuff and already started on my DIY trays. That guy I talked to was really nice and friendly la. So tempted to stop my DIY and just engage them, less headache also.

But of course la, Zai was unhappy so I couldn't engage Bonito by Bob in the end. I was still thinking whether to engage them when they asked me if I am still interested because another bride wants to engage them on the same wedding date as me.

To that bride, you are so lucky my fiance strongly disagreed in me engaging them so now you can have that date. While I continue struggling with my DIY. Haha.

A sneak peek at my base for the trays so far. Not a peek la more like I'm showing the whole thing ready haha. But seriously I have no idea on what to do after this. Some more I have his to do also!

Now need to focus on my Maid of Honour's wedding in less than two weeks! Haven't alter my kaftan and dress. Haven't prepare speech! Time needs to slow down (but not while I'm at work even when I'm at work cause I have a lot to do at work also!).


  1. can make bantal peluk already ur gift trays. so empuk and fluffy haha! and love the colour too!

    1. Macam bantal eh padahal styrofoam. Didn't even put sponge! I bought one to test out last month, then I bought a few more from another shop. Then I realised the one I bought last month has sharper edges. While the few I bought from another shop, have rounder edges, which make them look more like pillow. Haha.

  2. i love the colour of ur tray! so rajin la u to DIY!

    1. Mula2 rajin. Sekarang macam da lemau. Haha. Don't know how these trays will end up like. :/

  3. Well done Min! Meh i kasi tepuk sorakan and kallang wave skali untik you! Heheheheh. Love the colour

    1. Hehe thank you thank you thank you! *macam diri atas stage amek award* Hahaha. Tak tau malu betol. I like the colour too I hope I won't ruin it with my decor "skill". Haha.

  4. your choice of colour is super lawa!!

    and and idk why it took me so long to figure out we have the same wedding date hahaha!

    1. Yay we all same taste in colours! Haha. I know there are a few BTBs with the same date as us but I don't really remember who now. Hello fellow BTB with same date! 2 months plus more! :D

  5. Babe, we shall NOT be tempted by Bob ke, Harry ke, Tim ke, and stick to our plan of DIY-ing our gift trays k. Ok??? Hahahahaa


    1. Hahah yes but my fiancé himself might have to end up with Bonito by Bob cause due to unforeseen circumstances we might not continue with DIY-ing his trays anymore. Haha.