Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Second

Finally some free time cause Maliq is at my parents' place in JB for the weekend and Maqil's asleep, for now. As some of you already know, I gave birth last month and is now a mother of two. Heh.

I fell sick often during this pregnancy but the labour was way faster than my first one. 6am I felt contractions and Zai started timing them. Didn't have this experience with Maliq as I only felt contractions after the doctor broke my waterbag in the delivery suite. It was painful but bearable still. We decided to go NUH and once we arrived at the delivery suite, I was immediately admitted. I had checkup the day before and was already 3cm dilated. Waited in the delivery suite for 2 hours before I started begging for epidural hahaha by then I was already 6cm dilated and the nurses and my gynae, Dr. Citra were hoping I could just bear the pain without epidural since I survived 6cm of pain and only had 4cm to go, but no. Just give me the pain relief. By 12 plus pm I was already 10cm and ready to push. Pushed a few times before the nurses told me to stop and called for Dr. Citra. Amazingly, I only had to push for like 10 minutes before baby was out at 1.11pm. Amazing because it took me 2 long hours to push Maliq out. :/

And so Maqil Arrazi was born! One day before my EDD. I was hoping that Maliq and Maqil would end up having the same birthday (so I can save on birthday parties and celebrations hahah) but Maqil decided to appear 4 days before Maliq's second birthday. Dr. Citra said my baby was small during the last month of pregnancy and I was a little disappointed? Because Maliq was 3.395kg and I 'aimed' for my second baby to at least hit 3kg. I know as long as they're healthy the weight doesn't matter but it's just personal preference on my part. So the last few weeks of pregnancy I tried to eat salmon, nuts and a lot of food with healthy fats (non healthy fats too which is why I gained almost 20kg again). Between the day I gave birth and now, one month later, a lot happened but I let the pictures to the talking!

Maqil Arrazi 
28 September 2016
1.11 pm

This time we managed to get A class ward, unlike the first time, where all A class wards were occupied. But it was okay cause we got an isolation room in B class so it was still single bedder but we paid B class price heh. This time we almost couldn't get A class ward again but another room was vacant at the last minute. So yay, Zai could bunk in and help me with baby.

Feeling ala ala fine dining. Zai was laughing before this cause he finds it a little over the top haha.

My second boy!

One of the few times both fell asleep at the same time. Lasted 20 minutes probably. :/

Ordered balloons and cake way before I gave birth for Maliq's second birthday. Just a small affair with close families.

First family photo. :)
Maqil's passport photo. Heheh.

Ah well at 8 days old, I panicked cause Maqil got fever. It was midnight and I was alone with him cause Zai went JB. I waited for Zai to reach home, took his temperature and panicked even more when I realised his fever was quite high. Zai went to KKH Children's Emergency and, baby had to spend 5 days there. I didn't take it well, seeing needles and wires on him. Broke down a few times but the doctors were actually nice to make me feel better. Turns out he had a virus which lead to meningitis and affected his brain. Could affect his future developments so, I could only pray that won't happen. :'(

I am exclusively pumping again. I tried breastfeeding but failed, again. My nipples were so sore and they cracked and bled. I just couldn't latch without screaming and groaning in pain. Decided to keep pumping instead but I won't be pumping as much as before cause I think I need my sanity back haha. 

This was 2 days ago.

In other news, I just had my last two wisdom teeth plucked out yesterday because one was biting and cutting my cheek and I'm now on anti-biotics. Doctor advised me to pump and dump my milk so that made me upset a little. I pumped and dumped for longer during Maliq's time and I remember hating it. I mean, it's not that I can't give formula, I'm totally okay with supplementing with formula but it's just a waste of time to pump only to throw it down the sink. Just can't wait to finish off the anti-biotics.

I'm already looking at where to travel in December '16. It'll be our first trip with Maqil and honestly, I am more afraid this time round because of Maqil's medical history. But so far he's okay so, we'll probably go ahead. Thinking of Krabi for now.

Also I'm already thinking about December 17's trip hahhh. Don't be shocked but I'm looking at Norway plus another county (any suggestions???). Yeah the northern light's all the rage now but I won't be going all the way there just for the lights. I don't want to be disappointed in case I don't get to see. Also I checked with the locals on TripAdvisor and realised that the lights will be around no matter what year so going next year would give me a chance to see the lights too. That'll be bonus but I also want to see what the country has to offer. Still researching the feasibility of going with two toddlers and I must admit, the idea, scares me a little so who knows I chicken out haha.

Lastly, just something random I must state here. I'm not a TV kinda person but lately I started watching Suri Hati Mr. Pilot because I find the lead actor quite good looking hahah so superficial. Okay that's all.

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