Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Knee Lend

I mentioned somewhere before, the intention of this blog is to treat this as our travel journal, mainly for our honeymoon trip. But I decided to make this into our wedding journey blog as well. So every now and then besides the wedding updates, I will jot down things concerning our travel plans. Like today.

We've booked our accommodation for Amsterdam and Paris. They were easy to decide on because we won't be going any further than the main city areas. We are left with Switzerland and London. Which is quite tricky because there are a few areas we want to go in Switz that are far from each other, so we are still deciding which area to stay in and how many days for each area.

Same thing for London, I want to spend 5 days London and 2 days Liverpool. But he wants to spend more days in Liverpool so 4 days London and 3 days Liverpool. We just wanna do the usual touristy stuff in London. Sightseeing, (window) shopping, watch musical, Stonehenge, Bicester Village. And in Liverpool we want to go for the stadium tour (he wants actually, I'm not a soccer fan) and go Albert Dock. Anyone been to London and Liverpool? What do you recommend? 5 + 2 days or 4 + 3 days?

Albert Dock, Liverpool.

Another dilemma for Paris. At first I didn't want to go Disneyland in Paris. I don't really want to go all the way to Paris to spend an entire day at a theme park, I rather go for more (window) shopping and sightseeing. Besides, we can go Disneyland when we have kids. It is also a little out of city area. But then, we have 6 days there and I thought, besides the usual sightseeing, (window shopping) and museums hopping, we can squeeze a day of fun at Disneyland? If we are only going to Disneyland once in our lifetime, why not let it be in Paris, no? We like theme parks, cause we enjoyed USS during all the 3 times we were there. Just not sure if we are willing to spend a day of that in Paris. Like I said, we can take our time shopping and sightseeing with that one day.

Disneyland, Paris.

We're really undecided on this one so doesn't matter if you've been there or not, I created a poll to help us decide. It may seem like a silly and 'who-cares' question but I need opinions right now. Thank you in advance! :)

Should we go to Disneyland? free polls 


  1. DISNEYLAND!!! Even if I'm 50 with a walking stick, I STILL will visit disneyland with my grand children hahaha I think it's because we always end up forgetting about stress whenever we're in such places lol

    1. Hahaha that made me laugh! True! I thought I'm the only adult around here who thought about going Disneyland. Turns out I'm not alone haha.

  2. omg babe! you SHOULD go to disneyland! I went to HK disneyland and i didnt want to go back home, it was so magical! hehe. and im sure Paris disneyland would be so much more awesome! go go go!

    1. Haha okay you just convinced me that I should seriously consider going. :D