Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh Mother

Last month mother decided to change her mind again and got another new set of cloth for herself to wear on my wedding. That was the THIRD set she bought okay. She's not going to wear all three sets la. After some time she realised she didn't like the first set. So she got a second set, and then she realised she didn't like the second set of cloth as well. -.-

I bought the first set for her from KL, she said too plain. I agreed actually, but my sisters like it so my sisters are sticking to it. So she bought the second set herself but after a while she said the glitters kept making her glitter all over. Then, she just bought the third set, quite reluctantly because this time round the cloth was too over-the-top for her. She said there were too many beads and sequins but she still bought because my theme colour doesn't have a lot of variety for her to choose from. Hmm, not true.

 First set which she finds too plain.

 Second set which she finds too glittery.

Third and final set which she finds too bling. 

Actually I don't find the last set over-the-top. She is after all the bride's mother. Now she has 3 different sets of cloth of the same colour for my wedding but she's only going to wear the last set. I hope she doesn't buy a fourth set because she decides to change her mind again for the third time.

As of right now, we cleared some miscellaneous stuff but still have some left to settle. Our wedding is in 53 days only! Just next month! One moment I am nervous, then I'm excited, then I'm bored. Hah, yes bored. I'm like multi-tasking between planning a one day wedding and a 21 days trip. We sort of did the itinerary for our wedding day already. I foresee us rushing through the day since we're doing two places in one day. Just need to firm up everything and brief the bridesmaids and groomsmen on what they're supposed to do and wear. Yay.

As for the trip, I am not going to plan exactly what we have to do every single day but I need to know how many days will we be at each place and where to stay and how to travel to the next destination. Need to factor in which days and what time the places of attractions we want to go will open. Not everything opens every day. The time taken to travel to different places and all that. Not that I'm complaining, just worried that our plan goes horribly wrong, since we are going free and easy by ourselves, not on tour. :/

So far we still need to book accommodations:

1) London, England
2) Liverpool, England
3) Paris, France
4) Interlaken, Switzerland
5) Zurich, Switzerland
6) Lucerne, Switzerland
7) Amsterdam

Quite fun to look at the different hotels but hotels at Switz and London quite ex okay. We try to book hotels with the following criteria:

1. Good location.
2. Near train stations.
3. Affordable 2 or 3 star hotels.
4. Decent reviews.
5. Private toilets, no sharing toilets.
6. Has WiFi either in the room at at least the lobby area.

Okay I realised that I have a lot more to do for the wedding, like my guestbook and gift trays. A lot more to do for the trip also, like travel insurance and excess baggage. Good luck to us. I'm not excited anymore, how?! Some more he might be on course 2 weeks before our wedding right up to our honeymoon, and our honeymoon is one week after our wedding okay. Our wedding is right smack in the middle of his course when he was supposed to be on leave. -.-

On another note, our invitation cards are ready! Except for the 150 cards for my friends which state the timing I'll be at my side of the wedding. :D


  1. babe, u buat with adam hawa your invitation yes? im so bingit with them! hehehe. just my luck laaa.

    btw, ur mother reminds me of mine, she also changed her kain for my big day. hahahha! MOTHERS!

    1. Ya I did with them! At first I was bingit too cause they took so long to reply. Then I went to their shop and will email them whenever they don't reply for more than 2 days until they reply haha. Have to keep reminding them.

      And some things I asked them to edit, they didn't edit properly so have to email back and forth. I stated what I want exactly and clearly in point form. Throughout the email exchange I spoke proper Malay okay takot dorang tak paham haha. Finally my card okay. You going through the same thing with them eh? Just keep bugging them. Hah.

      And ya la mother worse than pengantin. Haha.

    2. mine is teruk-er than yours cause my card will only be ready this friday after i threatened to cancel on them. BINGIT seh. da la wedding nk dekat. cubaan babe!

    3. Ya some more your wedding earlier than mine and still not ready. :/ I engaged them end July and only got my cards early this month. I kept on telling them that I need my card 2 months in advance, the most before raya haji. Your parents confirm make noise eh cause mine ni pon they kept on asking me whether card da siap. :/

  2. Haha...your mom so excited seh..sampai 3 baju sekali ..kalahkan pengantin..lol
    But im sure she wants to look the best for your wedding :) I agree, the last one not over the top, quite ok actually - must be a bit outstanding mah so orang tahu mak pengantin yang mana...:)

    1. I agree! Kan people need to recognize her haha. Sampai tiga but the first two she's not going to wear la. She's usually not fussy actually but this time fussy semacam haha.

  3. My mum was super fussy too. My MIL i didn't give her a choice. Muahahaha!

    1. My future MIL can wear anything she likes at my fiancé side of the wedding cause we're not doing a combine reception. But my fiancé didn't give her a choice either haha.