Monday, October 14, 2013

His Story

After so long, Zai decided to finally come up with his version of how we met. He actually set up a Blogger account with the name "My Groom" and commented with his story on 'Our Journey' page. Before this he didn't have any account and kept asking me to set my comment page to "anyone can comment". But I think it's better if only people with account can comment. Besides, it's not limited to Blogger account only. You can have other accounts and still comment. I think he gave up and finally created an account haha. To read his version of the story click here. Or just read below. :D

"Like what she said, my version will be delayed. So yup here it is.   
Firstly disregard the username, and secondly I don’t agree with her full account of how we met or gotto know each other. I suck at dates so my version will be without them.   
I would like to thank my bestest friend Noorman and Hazbiba for introducing me and fixing me up with my future wife to be.   
This is how it all started back then. I was a lonely and miserable guy..RIGHT..haha More like I was single and ready to mingle and was unattached for quite some time. So our first meeting which I didn’t even notice how she looked like or grabbed my eye was at Yishun Swimming Complex as mentioned. Noorman brought up the idea of the guys who just had a game of soccer at a nearby field to wash up there and we all agreed. So yup he met Bib there and at that time they were already together. So it wasn't love at first sight as I didn’t even look at her.   
Weeks passed or should I say months passed after the first encounter and Noorman told me to message this girl at Friendster which I initially was reluctant to do but WTH, no harm messaging her as Noorman kept bugging me to do it and so I did.   
After a few days of the message I sent, myself, Noorman and Bib were going to a friends birthday celebration when they popped the question of how is the girl they are introducing me to. I just replied “Ala sombong je, message dekat Friendster tak reply je”. Which was true as I didn’t get a reply from her. Bib must have told her regarding my comment and true enough a few days later a reply came in from her. We started chatting on Friendster and things became quiet after that.   
Time passed and there was no conversation between us until one night as myself, Noorman and Fadil were sitting at a coffee shop having dinner when I smsed her after getting her number from Noorman and I had her number for quite some time but didn’t have the courage to message her. My sms went something like this “Noorman eh? Kao suruh aku message kao at this number?”. The 2 guys who was with me laughed at my lame attempt of breaking the ice but who knew that sparked everthing off.   
She was heading to KL at that time when I first smsed her and she told me when she would be back to I waited for that day to message her and we talked on the phone and stayed in contact after that.   
So our first meetup or so called arranged date was set up by Noorman and Bib and they brought her along for dinner at East Coast Lagoon and Noorman told me to tag along which I agreed. So when we reached there, this 2 cheeky monkeys left us alone to so call get to know each other and interact while they got food. Things became silent and awkward as I am the type of person who is shy and rarely interact with people who I am not comfortable with.   
We went on movie dates after that which was spotted by her friends and when we bumped into one of them she made this comment “Is this him?” I kindof felt something fishy at that point of time when that comment was made but I chose to disregard it. So I was told she was seeing another guy as well during that time but I had no intial intention of being more than just friends or did I…well anyway to make the story short the other guy backed down and gave in to me.    
And yes she had this 21.5 years mission to stay single which I found was absurd and so not necessary and told her to go against it which needed a lot of persuasion and she agreed to be my girlfriend from that day on. The rest of the story of how I proposed and stuff is the same as her account of it….."

When I saw this I was in a meeting. I was smiling and wanted to laugh. Especially the 21.5 years old mission I used to have. Which was, not to be attached until 21.5 years old. Why was there a 0.5 there, I also don't know. At that time, that felt like the right age haha. Needless to say, he made me change my mind and gave up on my so called mission. Hahaha.

Our first meet up at East Coast with Bib and Noman our matchmakers haha. Zai had since lost 20kg (really!) and I have probably gained a few kgs. :/

By the way, we finally got ourselves a Canon G1X for our honeymoon (and for other days also la)! Happy!!! But can't be too happy cause now we're slightly poorer. 


  1. Nice choice of camera btw :) don"t forget the monopod for your honeymoon dear!

    1. Yes thanks to you I got to know about the monopod and even print screen the photo in your entry for my fiancé to buy at mustafa whenever he goes there. :D

    2. hahaha kecoh! hope you find it hun!