Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Lines

I have been so busy that my mother is pretty unhappy that I am always not home. Cannot blame me what. :/

Things Done:
- Met a few vendors.
- Passed the girls their second outfit skirt (in my fav colour!).
- Celebrated his birthday.
- Had my hen's night (will talk about this next entry!).
- Ordered Redondo for Friday night's favours.
- Bought two pairs wedding shoes.
- Did my itinerary, like finally.
- Etc etc miscellaneous stuff.

Things Not Done:
- Decorate guest book.
- Print photos and posters.
- Decide on wedding entrance.
- Pack favours.
- Collect Redondo.
- Finish decorating gift trays.
- Collect bunga pahar.
- Etc etc miscellaneous stuff.

Honeymoon stuff like insurance still not done. Any good insurance out there? Still thinking if I should buy a pair of Timberland boots instead of using the typical cheapo winter boots which I already have. We gave out almost all our cards ready and we love our cards. Haha! Maybe can show you girls next time. Everything next time la eh.

And I plan to put up my itinerary on that day for the guests. I actually DIY-ed the chevron lines. My first time. I am not good at computer designing things but looks decent enough for me.

And I plan to have these at the wedding too, still thinking and deciding. Don't wanna really explain in detail yet but if you know what are these for, should I have it? Yay or nay? 16 more days people!


  1. eh u i pening kepala buat itinery..wah urs dah siap seh..!

    16 more!! all the best babe!!

    1. Me too you know! That's why it took me a long time to finish it. But ni pon subject to changes. Haha. Yours is one day event or two days? Mine all in one day so everything rushing. Need help let me know I try to help. :)

  2. niceeee chevron lines :) eh gambar prewedding mana ni

    1. Hehe few pictures from previous entry tu not counted ke? For you I will post more k.. But not everything la, I shy. Hahaha.

  3. the ribbon-ribbon thingy is nice! can be used for your grand entrance or exit, you can do u just enough for your orang kuat and close relatives. it would surely be a nice photo moment!! not sure about the bells though. buat bising je, hahaha.

    and Miss Min, one more week left. ARE YOU READY?? mehehehee.

    1. Haha! My dear accidental bride, you actually know what the ribbons are for! And I already made them by the way.

      I painstakingly went ahead with the bells thinking it'll be nicer and all. BUT oh my goodness, the pain I had to go through just to attach the bell, well lets just say I gave up eventually and some of my ribbons ended up with no bell. Which is fine with me cause the bell is optional! Not worth the pain sey tu bells. But the ribbon was easy! Might just talk about it in next entry, which I plan to update but no time. :/

      And one more week but I am not ready k. Still busy at work. Hah!

  4. hello dear lois lane! i saw your pretty ribbons in the next post, but srsly the bells buat sakit hati je i tengok, smpai your hand berdarah-darah. but bila dah siap, the whole thing looks legitly pinterest-worthy! fuhhhhh i suka skali!

    can't wait to see your grand entrance being caught in pictures :D

    1. Haha you so sweet leh! Looks pretty but I am still skeptical cause the guys might find it gay waving that around. Told my guy cousin and he thinks it's girly. -.- I'll see how it goes haha.