Friday, November 22, 2013

Hen's Night & Ribbons

I had a memorable hen's night that I'm sure I will remember for life! Enough to make me have wonderful memories to last me a life time.

I was supposed to meet Zai for his birthday dinner. He said he will be late so I asked for a table for two and sat at the table first. Then I decided to move to the next table, which was a table for four cause I wanted more space. Turns out to be a wise move because a moment later, these three familiar girls appeared right in front of me smiling widely. So we needed that table of four.

My initial reaction was, "What are they doing here?! Where's Zai?! I need to celebrate his birthday!" As it turns out, he was part of the hen's party surprise as well. So after dinner where did they bring me to? Hard Rock Hotel!!! Wee~! Never been there before so I was a little excited there. Haha.

For some reasons I was worried my dad would kill me if I didn't go home. Worried that I wouldn't have anything to wear for the night and for next day, worried about so many things la. They had it all covered okay. They informed my dad that they were going to kidnap me and told my sister to pass them my pyjamas, clothes and undies. Lol. How thoughtful of them. But they didn't bother about my make up, so I had to use theirs. They are all Chinese and very fair and I'm not very fair. -.-

Didn't take many pictures at the hotel but it was so, so comfy and nice I told Zai I wanna stay there again. They showed me this video too which they only filmed like the night before?!

Then we walked around with a veil on my head. Quite a number of people congratulated me, quite a nice feeling to be congratulated by random strangers although I was embarrassed to wear that veil. Haha.

Next day we went to USS and had an entire day screaming on rides, yes even those kiddy roller coaster rides. I love these girls although they are crazy at times. They made me take the Mummy ride thrice. Not a fan of thrill rides. :/

I know it was just a hen's night but I was really touched by the video and the whole planning. I was really touched Zai didn't mind sacrificing his birthday dinner. Really touched my dad didn't mind ignoring my curfew for that night and day. I feel like I owe them something in return now. Hah.

And not to forget 'hen's dinner' with my lovable colleagues. Made me wear the tiara during the entire dinner. So sweet can?! Not me, but them haha. Got flowers and cupcake too! Okay I am easily pleased.
Anyway, I mentioned in the previous entry that I didn't know whether to have those ribbons at my wedding? Then after consulting several people I decided to have it. So I bought the wooden rods and bells from Daiso, ribbons from Kin Soon, hooks and mini saw from the hardware shop and few other things.

Okay, I know the main idea for this is the ribbon, not the bell. But I thought it'll look complete with the bell. But homaigod. Putting the bells onto the rods hurt my fingers like crazy. That I gave up after a while. I made more than enough for my bridesmaids, groomsmen and some other close friends and relatives.

So this is how they turned out! :)

Honestly, I don't know whether it'll look 'funny' waving this as we enter but ho well, let's see how it goes. Bridesmaids keep assuring it'll look fine, but I am still quite skeptical. :/

As for the wedding planning, I've met several vendors before the big day. I've bought 40 cans of Redondo for Friday night berkat. Got it from Cheers cause they're having an offer until end of the month. As cheap as the Redondo sellers on FB. And Cheers is much more accessible and nearer to me than the sellers on FB. :D

And, lastly.

The journey is coming to an end soon! If I can invite some of you I've made friends with through this space, I would! Maybe those really want to go, too free and bored on that day, can email me k hahaha.

And I am panicking over the things I have to print for the wedding and honeymoon! No time to print at work and I will be on marriage leave ready after today. Either I come back to work just to print or print elsewhere. Printing at work is much more convenient though. Everything's on my laptop. :/

K got to go for D&D now, I'm in the organising committee some more as if planning my own wedding is not enough. :/ Hopefully can win some lucky draw prizes. Omg I am so long winded today!


  1. the 1st thought that came to my mind when i saw the pic of your injured thumb is.....Darah manis?!?!?
    last lap already! go go go go!

    1. Hahaha. Thank you! I hope I can get everything done by the wedding day. =x

  2. All the best babe! The ribbon thing looks gd... It reminds me of those like the sch chinese dance grp use for their performance... Hehehe

    1. Thank you! Me too when I first look at it! Haha. Macam those ribbons gymnasts use for the Olympics haha.

  3. all the best babe for your upcoming wedding! im sure the ribbons will look super pretty! =D

  4. Min! Congratssss ehhh kirim salam Biba and Maton! <3

    1. Insya'Allah.. You can come if you wanna haha. Just let me know. :)