Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food and Holiday

So we celebrated our fifth year dating last week. Decided to have lunch at Paul and although the food was not bad, I think my expectation was higher given that they're not cheap. We had mushroom soup, omelette with ham and mushroom (if I'm not wrong) for him and seafood potato gratin for me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the complimentary basket of bread the most haha!

We watched our first movie in a long time too after that, which was Anchorman. His kinda movie la, those lame jokes kind haha. And had Nene Chicken for the first time after that for dinner. We had original and cheese flavour. Wanted Jolibee but queue was forever long. -.- This year he gave my gift differently from the previous years. He woke me up at 12 midnight, shouted "Happy Anniversary!" and handed me my gifts while I was still half asleep and confused at what was going on. Plus, he took a video of the whole thing. -.- I gave him a passport holder cause his was torn and ugly. That cute collapsible bottle from Smiggle was for me cause I've been wanting a new water bottle. :D And a Pandora charm to almost complete my bracelet. I need one or two more charms to fill up the whole bracelet. Heh.

On another note, I'll be going for a mini holiday this coming March holidays. :D We're going to a resort somewhere near KL. I didn't do any research or booking for this. All done by Zai and my SIL. I am not expecting much but I hope it'll be decent at least. All I want to do is slack. We'll be taking a plane to KL and I hope nothing goes wrong what with the recent missing plane. Where did the plane go, seriously? I've always been a little scared of plane rides but not to the extreme until I refuse to take planes, but still scared. And I'll be going on a holiday with Zai's nephews (and his sister and brother-in-law) for the first time and I'm looking forward to spending 3 days with Nusayr hehe.

So cute ah?!

The resort! Reminds you of Dubai, yes?

In a holiday mood already now. Weekends, I can look forward to wedding food cause it'll be one of my bridesmaid's turn to get married. :D

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