Monday, July 7, 2014

Feeling Meh

Just want to complain a little. I'm entering my third trimester of pregnancy and I still have not gotten my wedding video. I've reminded them from time to time and the video is still not ready. It's been 7 months plus already. How long more should I give them?

On to something happier. I just turned 26 two weeks ago. Among other things, I got two diaper bags. Yay! Haha. 

This is from Skip Hop. 

And this is from Marc by Marc Jacob. I have a sling cross body version in black. 

First time receiving diaper bags and I'm amazed at how roomy they are and how many compartments they have. Good for someone like me, who likes big bags. My friends were all thoughtful. They told me they got a colour which is unisex so that Zai can carry them without feeling like he's carrying a woman's bag. Haha.

For now, all my other bags in my wish list will have to wait until the renovation is ready and baby stuff is settled. Not only that, but we've decided not to travel anywhere far until baby is at least 6 months old. That will be next year. :/ This December, baby will only be 2 months old and I'm just thinking of a staycation or somewhere in Malaysia. So the destinations in my travel list, will also have to wait. Which got me thinking, of the places we can go with baby next year. :D

We've still not chosen our renovation company yet but we're leaning towards this one. We're meeting them again tomorrow to really sit down and decide if they're the one. Then I can't wait to see how our design for the house will look like in real life. That will be somewhere end August when we get our keys.

Which worries me a little because my estimated delivery date will be about one month after that. I want to see the progress of our new house. But I'll be 8 months pregnant when we get our keys, and will be going through confinement when the renovation starts, I can't even oversee the whole renovation process.

Our plan to move in by the time baby is out also has to change now. We can stay at our parents' for the time being but my parents are at JB and his parents are working. Which means, nobody is around to help me out during confinement. A lot of issues to think about now. :( 

As for baby stuff, I leave them to Zai. So far we've gotten a baby carrier, some clothes, breast pump, milk bottles, shampoo and shower gel. What else do I need to get before the baby is out? Diapers? Bedding? Stroller? Zai will handle the stroller. Haha.

Wanna blog about Bangkok trip but I'm blogging from the phone now and don't have any pictures with me at the moment. So maybe next time. :) 

Lastly, Salam Ramadhan! I'm trying to fast even while pregnant, not as easy as when I'm not pregnant. So far I've missed two out of the eight days. I'm partial about fasting during pregnancy. Half of me wants to fast as long as I'm feeling okay, half of me worries if baby gets enough nutrients. Though I try to eat healthily during break fast. Sometimes fail because I always prefer to eat the unhealthy stuff. :/


  1. Are you planning to breastfeed babe? Somehow I feel it's much easier to co-sleep if you are. It's less tiring for mummy and less stressful for baby. To me personally I'm glad I got a playpen cum cot instead of the wooden cot because 1) Intisar did not sleep in it much 2) she has almost outgrown it! Haha if nak save money on baby bedding co-sleep jer.

    1. Yes I plan to breastfeed but I don't know how long will I last. I get what you mean. My colleague told me the same thing, that it's easier to just co-sleep with baby if you're breastfeeding. So at night I don't have to keep waking up and carrying the baby out of his/her baby cot every few hours.

      Anyway I don't plan on getting a baby cot haha. Some people gave me this "Are you sure?" look but I'm pretty sure because from past experience with nieces and nephews, and what some others told me, they don't like to be in the cot and just like what you said, they outgrow the cot very fast!

      Although I must admit the white wooden baby cots look so pretty kan hahah. :/

  2. Btw, KIV all your dream bags, for the first few mths of baby's life you will need only the diaper bag. Hahaha. At least for me lah.

    1. Yeah probably have to KIV not only for the first few months, but first few years of baby's life, looking at all the other things I have to spend on! Ho well. :/