Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why am I waiting?

I'm just wasting time here at Raffles Hospital waiting area while waiting for Zai to end work. Wanted to wait at Starbucks next door but it was full house then I saw Raffles Hospital waiting area had lots of unoccupied sofa. Great!

I could have window shopped but my bags are heavy cause I just came back from a staycation with the colleagues at Festive Hotel. We got it at 50 percent off. It was nice to just slack and do nothing. And they were so sweet to surprise me with a mini baby shower celebration. :D 

(I'm uploading photos via my phone so I don't know how the quality will be like.)

After which I'm here at Bugis waiting for Zai to end work so that we can go eat and meet an Interior Designer. 

We're on a search for the interior designer or contractor to do up our new place. Which I am so looking forward to. The start of the renovation, not so much of meeting the ID later. Finally, I am excited over the new place. So many ideas in my head now but got to wait until we get the keys next month. 

We met two IDs so far. We like both for different reasons. The first one has good ideas and designs but a little pricey. The second is affordable but has limited designs. Today we're meeting another one and I wonder what she has to offer.

I want this for one of the rooms but I don't know if it's practical in the long run and price will probably be over the budget too I reckon. If we don't like it anymore or the bed breaks down one day, we can't change it unless we change the whole thing. :/

You think? :/


  1. Hehe you and my SIL got the same idea. Ok about that idea my SIL's ID told her by right HDB don't allow platform with a storage area to be built by the window. But he told her as long as she don't post on social media should be fine.

    1. Why cannot?! So weird. The two ID's I consulted didn't say it can't be done pon when I showed them the platform bed. Anyway still thinking if we should continue with this idea. :/