Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reno Week 1

As I've mentioned, I rushed HDB for our house keys and we got it like 3 weeks earlier. My ID knows the tight schedule she has to work with for my house. So she rushes me for a lot of things now. We didn't want to waste time so on the day we got our keys, we did as many things as we could. We even reached earlier so that we could do the miscellaneous things before we collect the keys instead of spending time after that.

Week 1
- Collected keys.
- Bought fire insurance.
- Paid conservancy charges.
- Registered accounts for PUB and SP.
- Turn on water and electricity.
- Made appointment with the people in charge of defects.
- Check for defects together with them and ID.
- Measurements for carpentry such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.
- Decide on the how many shelves, drawers and doors for cabinets and wardrobes.
- Decide on where to put lights.
- Do up false ceiling.
- Bought lights.
- Bought ceiling fan.
- Bought living room TV.
- Got City Gas to do piping in kitchen.
- Do piping for air-con.
- Do tiling for bases of kitchen cabinets, washing machine and refrigerator.
- Rectification of defects by HDB.
- Decide flooring colours.
- Do electric works.
- Bought sofa and dining table.

Got our lights and ceiling fan from JB and I think we saved quite a lot. Zai bought the TV from the recent expo sale, which according to him is cheap but I wouldn't know. Now we're in the middle of week 2 and I need to decide on a few more things.

Tiling for kitchen cabinets.

Ceiling works.

I am a little down that I am not getting the white subway tiles for the kitchen. Decided to save and just use the given HDB tiles. It'll cost me a few hundreds more to overlay the subway tiles, BUT, it'll be weird to have subway tiles at my stove area and HDB tiles for the rest of the kitchen. To cement screed and paint over the whole kitchen will be additional $1k plus. That's like $2k additional. Ho well, they're still both white, just that one is nicer and the other is boring. :/

The subway tiles. :(

To do list for Week 2
- Look for dining and corridor lights.
- Decide on paint colour.
- Get kitchen sink.
- Meet flooring guy for site measurement.

8 months pregnant now and finally got our stroller and infant/car seat in the midst of busy with renovation. Yay. Actually I don't want to spend on the infant/car seat cause we don't have our own car. But Zai likes to splurge on his junior and I just don't want to argue over that. Hah. Fell sick during first week of reno too but I'm all well now after 2 days MC. :D


  1. The kitchen tiles thingy I feel you. We plan to do another renovation within the next 5 years and address that ugly tile issue. But do you think covering it up in nice wallpaper will do? Cuz wallpaper seems to be a cheaper alternative than tiling works.

    1. Don't think I'll renovate anything in the next 5 years. :/ I'm not sure if wallpaper in the kitchen is a good idea cause it might tear and stain easily due to the washing and cooking in the kitchen.. Or moisture attack. :/ The grout of the tiles won't provide an even surface for the wallpaper too but that may be a small issue.. Maybe you can check with your ID. But yes I thought of wallpaper at my dining area too.. Cause its cheaper and nicer and has more variety!