Friday, September 19, 2014

Reno Week 5

Both our parents (his and mine) have commented that our new place looks dull and old because it's pretty much just white and wood and some concrete in our Master Bedroom. Haha. Okay la, later I add some colours la. I'm excited to decorate the place now but it's still not ready yet.

Week 5
- Installed toilet accessories (towel racks etc).
- Installed carpentry for wardrobes, TV console, shoe rack, kitchen cabinet.
- Bought mirrors and hanging lamp for toilet, shelves, doorbell.
- Delivered cooker, hood and hob.

What's left?
- Painting.
- Glass for toilet's shower screen.
- Delivery of dining table and sofa.
- Installation of Starhub cable and wifi.
- Delivery of fridge and washing machine.
- Buy dining chairs and bed frames.
- Delivery of mattresses.
- Window grilles.
- Installation of air-con.
- Probably some miscellaneous stuff.

Too busy with the house reno, we also had to make time buying baby's stuff. So far we've gotten these major things (not including the minor stuff):

- Stroller
- Car seat
- Baby carrier
- Breast pump

I'm ashamed to say this, but most of the baby items are chosen by Zai including breast pads. Yes he actually went to research which stroller, car seat, baby carrier, breast pump and even which breast pad is good. If you ask me, I am okay with any brands as long as it's affordable but he is oh so particular, I should be thankful yes? I'm left with the baby cot, sterilizer and probably some more other miscellaneous stuff, which is kinda minor. And if you still don't know, I am having a...

Now let's wait and see if the house is ready first or if baby makes an appearance first.

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