Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Straps and Leathers

My phone's not working so I couldn't upload photos from it to my blog for the reno post so that will have to wait some more. Haish. iPhone 6 is like out of stock every where. I need a working phone badly!

On a different note, this reminds me of Celine's Luggage in Nano or maybe Celine's Luggage with a strap.

 Balenciaga Padlock All Afternoon.

I don't like the pink but I like the fact that it has straps.

Still broke after the renovation and baby's expenses so this will remain as an eye candy until further notice. Heh. Maybe Celine's luggage is still a better choice and maybe to get the Mini Mac from Rebecca Minkoff is more achievable.

Again, not really into the colour. 

Can use on days I don't need to bring lotsa stuff out. :D

But then again, with a baby in tow I probably need to bring a mini luggage out (not Celine, I'm literally talking about the traveling luggage). Hah.


  1. LOL
    With a baby, you cannot bring the Celine Luggage out. It's so heavy!

    1. And it's probably not big enough to fit everything! As it is, my current diaper bag is already so heavy, what's with the thermos for hot water and all. Haha!