Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Mocs

In the midst of doing the reno post, I got carried away with looking at baby moccasins. Comes in many pretty colours and in the usual leather or suede. So, so cute! I'm thinking when can I finally buy one of these for baby.

The safe colours.

The bright colours (like this) look pretty too.

If I have a girl.

The ones with bows are oh so cute!
But yes, not for my son. :P

Okay back to my reno post. 


  1. Cute kan the mocs? So geram but I think you should wait till Maliq is at least 6mths before getting him nice shoes. Cuz they grow pretty fast from a newborn till about 6mths. Then they kind of slow down a bit.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking when I should buy since babies outgrow their clothes and shoes very fast. :/

  2. omgg where to get these!! i love the one with the bows!

    1. Cute right! I don't even have a girl but I'm looking at the ones with bows don't know for what haha. I actually don't know where to get these locally, but you can get them online from Australia or US. I haven't tried but these sites sell a lot of pretty baby moccasins, you'll go crazy at all the colours and type of fabric or leather! Hahah. Go see, and, let me know if you end up with a pair for Syafa. :D