Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oh White and Blue

Some time to kill before I make my way back home. Finally a change of colours for this blog! Anyway so far we have done the following for our trip.

1) Booked flight for Greece and Dubai.
2) Booked cave house for Santorini.

We have not done the following though:

1) Book flight for Santorini.
2) Book apartment in Athens.
3) Book hotel in Dubai.

We have booked our stay in Santorini so fast because I am very sure I want to stay in this cave house! Not many choices in winter anyway so it was easy to decide.

How not to fall in love with the cave house you tell me?! We chose that also because we wanted a fully equipped kitchen and not just a kitchenette to cook, since halal food is limited there. The other villas/hotels/cave houses we checked out were nice too but they were either too pricey or not as pretty as this. And this has 100% 'excellent' reviews (not even one 'very good') on Trip Advisor (except for one 'average' but apparently that one was actually written for another cave house but ended up on that page) and they have about 100 plus reviews. How can it be that they are that good?! It seems that the owner is a super nice lady. 

And, we are finally open to try out Airbnb. We're probably looking for one in Athens because apartments are bigger, cheaper and have fully equipped kitchens! Before this I was quite scared to try out Airbnb cause the thought of staying at someone else's apartment just didn't sit well with me. :/ But looking at reviews I think I am willing to give it a try. 

Anyway, last weekend Zai kindly surprised me with a Mother's Day dinner at Aquamarine. How sweet. :D They even prepared some utensils for Maliq but obviously he couldn't eat anything at all from there.

Maliq was trying to reach for the plates and refused his toys. So we let him play with the plastic utensils they provided him, but most of the time they ended on the ground. He also screamed a few times but I'm glad we were seated outside where there were still people, but lesser. And I heard a few people commented on his batman headgear, haha. He also pooed too much and stained my top a little, but that's okay! We had an awesome dinner nonetheless. :D

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