Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dubai with a Baby

Dubai felt just like Singapore so Dubai with a baby was quite easy although anywhere with baby will never be as easy as without. The shopping centres had nursing rooms and almost everywhere was stroller friendly. I didn't wanna go Dubai because the only thing that attracted me was the desert and variety of halal food. But Zai insisted on going to one more city after Greece. We had 5 more days to go somewhere not too cold for baby so we decided on Dubai. We could have chosen Turkey but 5 days wouldn't be enough. It was pretty much a laid back trip with lots of food!

We stayed at Ibis next to the Mall of the Emirates so we went there every day. It was so big they had almost all the brands I could think of there but of course Dubai Mall was even bigger.

Basically we went to:
- Dubai Mall
- Mall of the Emirates
- Jumeira Beach
- Gold and Spice Souks
- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi
- Desert Safari

And some other places in Abu Dhabi when we followed the tour group. Didn't take many photos but here are some:

Our decent hotel room. They allowed us to check in early but no double bed was available.

First on the list, Shake Shack! Yum but expensive.

Public toilet all clean and nice.

Wish we could just keep walking to nowhere but our driver was waiting haha.

Not that interested in the performances and dinner but it was part of the package. Though the belly dancing was not bad heh.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Trying out saffron ice cream in hot winter.

Crossing the creek on the abra.

Won't say they're super cheap but you gotta know how to bargain.

Jumeira Beach on the last day.

Was initially afraid the dune bashing would be too dangerous with Maliq but the hotel guy told us it was quite safe so we gave it a go and got upgraded to the Hummer (I think because it's more stable with a baby on board). There were 6 of us in the Hummer including 4 other Hungarians who were nice. I was hoping Maliq wouldn't make a scene during the dune bashing, thankfully he didn't! He even fell asleep so yeah it was indeed safe for the baby. I guess it also depends on the driver? Part of me felt bad the Hungarians won't get to enjoy the dune bashing with a baby but it was not totally boring la I mean there were some parts we felt like the Hummer would tip over. I must admit it gave me headaches though.

We ate a lot there, something which we looked forward to after endless seafood and bread in Greece.

We tried:
- Shake Shack
- Din Tai Fung
- Outback Steakhouse
- P.F. Chang China Bistro
- Cheesecake Factory
- International House of Pancakes (IHOP)
- Some other random and food court food.

All was nice but the Outback Steakhouse was quite meh. Think we spent the bulk of our money on food alone hah. Some boutiques were on 40% off so I got myself the Bermuda jelly flats from Salvatore at a steal! Was tempted by the Ginny bag which was on 40% off too but it'll probably be under utilized. I need a Ju Ju Be more haha.

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