Friday, April 29, 2016

Eat, Talk and Play

realised I have a few saved drafts which never got published. Here's an attempt to revive this space.

Between the last entry and now, a few significant things have happened but right now, we're surveying schools for Maliq and we have somewhat decided on our school of choice. Yay. We only considered a few schools and went to two schools before deciding on one. I'm not that worried about the separation anxiety (he doesn't seem to mind if I'm not around -.-), but I'm worried about his short attention span and the need for things to go his way. He won't start until next year January though and we've also not registered yet. Soon. By the time January 2017 comes, he'll be 2 years and 2 months. Too young for school I think but nowadays, kids go to school at an even younger age. :/ Plus, I need to give my mom a break for a few hours every day. Haha.

He's attending MyGym now though and I guess it's a good platform for him to learn to follow instructions although at times he still won't but he's not the only one. Thinking if I should continue with it after the two terms we signed up for is over. I'm also planning to register him for a reading class with PlayDate after MyGym is over. Just some story telling fun not that he'll learn how to read in case you think I'm such a tiger mom haha. I'm not. I think I have a lot to do before I can call myself one. Though hopefully he'll learn something from it.

Maliq's still not really talking at almost 19 months. He can say a few words but I'm not that worried yet because I know some of his peers are also still not talking. The thing that makes me worried every time is that he always refuses to eat. Haish, until when wanna drink milk and just eat biscuits Maliq? I'm hoping this phase will be over soon. 

Also, to those people who assured me that he would sleep through the night at 6 months onwards, I'm still waiting for that day now and he's almost 19 months already. Every night he'll still cry for milk at least twice. I'm still wondering when will we ever get uninterrupted sleep. 

Oh yeah, he's still afraid to walk barefoot on the sand the last time we went to the beach. :P Maybe we should bring him to the beach more? KL trip with our good friend was good! We enjoyed ourselves at this indoor playground at Mid Valley, Kids E World. Meant for toddlers but made us adults happy too haha. The playground caters to toddlers more than to big kids so our toddlers really had a great time. The fact that we could enter and exit as many times as we wish during the entire day, made it so worth it! But then, we got tired after a few hours anyway.

Okay some photos for memories sake!

He managed to walk on the sand in the end but can see he was cringing haha.

The indoor playground at Mid Valley I was saying.

We tried Makisan and I couldn't resist a fried sushi!

Overrun for Chendol ice cream was good on a hot day.

Yesterday during his usual playground session.

MyGym session!

This is random but I find Hermes Lindy casual and nice but for some reason, I probably won't get it. Hmm...

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