Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hey So Black

So since we have no plans to travel far this year (you'll know why soon), I have decided to treat myself to a Chanel So Black Chevron in Medium (!!!). Okay well, I didn't really want to get it. I mean, I wanted to but I didn't think I should. Plus it's no longer selling at the boutiques and I don't usually buy things from a third party store because of the authenticity issues and the preference of wanting to get something brand new myself.

Then Zai found the So Black selling on Reebonz Closet, the buy-sell platform on Reebonz where I could purchase from other sellers instead of from Reebonz direct. Well this person was selling it brand new (the protective sticker still on the CC logo), so tempting yes? I thought for days before deciding that I should NOT get it but Zai said he'll sponsor me almost half. So tempting yes?! So it's like a push gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift and Mother's Day gift all in one. I don't mind one present for all the special days if the present is this big la. Hehehhaha. Anyway, I would have preferred the Jumbo that was also selling by another seller but the Jumbo was not brand new (I just have a thing for brand new things). So I settled for the medium.

I was super paranoid over the authenticity issue what with the "super fakes" around. I got Reebonz to authenticate the bag although it cost me a few hundred bucks. Still not entirely convinced (because I read and from my sister's experience Reebonz authentication services cannot be 100% trusted), I made several calls to Chanel boutiques to compare the style number on the receipt with the bag's actual style number, just to make sure. And well they matched. The seller even gave me the whole set of paper bag, camellia flower, dust bag, cleaning cloth, and even the sales assistant name card from Chanel MBS where she got the bag from last year. So I am finally convinced it is authentic, hah.

The chevron version is slightly different from the diamond quilted version. The chevron's black hardware is shiny whereas the diamond quilted is matte. I would prefer the matte but I prefer chevron to the diamond quilted anyway. I'm just worried I won't be able to maintain the leather well.

Also, we plan to do up our toilets' tiles before raya and I'm quite excited. When we renovated our BTO a year plus back, we didn't really do much to do the toilets. We wanted to save cost cause we didn't want to take up renovation loan. Now the floor tiles that HDB gave us is an eyesore because the stains are so hard to get rid of, so I decided to change the tiles!

Zai didn't agree at first but I managed to psycho him to agree. Haha! So now I'm looking at all the nice pictures of toilets online, going for the Scandinavian look to match the rest of my not so Scandinavian home. But you know la, it may not turn out as Scandinavian as it should be also. Design wise, I'm leaning towards the honeycomb or subway tiles in herringbone patterns. Practicality wise, still have no idea what kind of tiles are low maintenance, not slippery, won't stain easily and best for toilets. :/ I realised that the subway and honeycomb tiles mostly have a smooth finish which are slippery. The rough surfaces ones are all quite ugly. Some people don't mind the floor to be a little slippery but I don't want to risk it and I don't want to be responsible for anyone's injury in future. So, more window shopping for tiles soon!

Some inspirations:

Totally digging the black hardware look in the toilet too not just on my bag haha.

Lastly, Maliq had completed his first term with MyGym. We signed up two terms for him so we have one more term to go! Some days he cooperated and there were days he didn't. But I myself enjoy his MyGym sessions so I don't mind going another term. I just signed him up for PlayDate SG story telling sessions after his MyGym is over so, I hope he'll look forward to that!


  1. Oooh that Chanel is gorgeous!!!
    No far travels and stopping bfeeding *looks at you suspiciously* hehehe :)

    1. Hahahaha. I think you guessed it la. :P

  2. That bag is delish!! And i guessed it at the push present!! Hahahahaha

    1. Well he still owes me my push present from 2014 for pushing Maliq out. 😂