Monday, November 13, 2017

3 Weeks More!

Less than 3 weeks to our trip (!!!) and I have been religiously updating and editing our trip's 'information document' on Microsoft Word. Zai left all the planning to me so I have been busy researching on how to get to places, what activities to do, which places to go and forgo, the opening hours of certain places, how many daylight hours we have and more. Basically, everything to do with the trip because I am too free like that. Heh.

I don't know if I'm being paranoid or what, but I actually bought and plan to buy these things for the kids to occupy themselves with in the plane.

Things to keep the kids occupied in the plane:

1. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad
The idea is for them to stick the themed stickers on the matching background pad provided. It's reusable so they can keep changing the position and placement of the stickers. There are 5 different background pads so I hope this will keep Maliq occupied for a while. Maqil will probably chew (yeap) on the stickers so I'll probably get him a set of cheapo stickers to play with. 

2. Surprise Eggs 

Maliq always asks for surprise eggs. Not this one exactly but I got one with a robot and without candies inside. I got for both because I don't want them to fight over it, which they are very capable of. 

3. Magnetic Doodle Boards

I got them one each too because, same reason as above, I don't want them to fight over it and cause drama in the plane haha. 

4. Hot Wheels Cars

This is a must have because Maliq LOVES cars. They hate to share and I don't think I want to have a lecture on why sharing is caring in the plane so Maqil got his own set too. 

5. Usborne Wind Up Fire Engine Book

I wanted the car version but it was out of stock so I got the fire engine one. This is like a book and a toy in one cause the book has tracks on some pages where the fire engine can move along on so I think Maliq will enjoy this. I got an Usborne lift-the-flap book and a baby rattle cloth book for Maqil though.

6. A random small toy 

I will just get one cheap random toy for them, preferably with buttons to press, one of these days cause Maqil loves pressing buttons. 

7. Screen Time

If all else fails, there's always the screen which of course I am willing to be flexible about during the trip. Our plane will take off at 11 p.m. so we're hoping they will sleep as soon as the plane takes off *prays hard*. Then hopefully we don't have to worry about how to keep them occupied so much. 

They are all new because I figured their old toys won't keep them engaged for very long. And with all those toys I have to bring on the plane, tell me I am not paranoid. Moving on to the serious stuff here's a list of medication I will bring for the trip:

Medication related items for the trip:

1. Flu medicine
2. Cough syrup
3. Vapour Rub
4. Tummy Rub
5. KoolFever
6. Thermometer
7. Paracetemol
8. Syringe
9. Nasal Spray
10. Teething Gel (Still considering)
11. Plaster
12. Headache Relief Roller (For me)
13. Koyok (For Zai)

I've worked on the possible itinerary but nothing is confirmed until we're there ourselves. So this is the tentative plan.

Oslo will be a bit rushing because even though we have three days there, we only one full day there. Don't think we can go anywhere much on our arrival day and we definitely cannot go anywhere on the day we leave for Bergen. So we only have our second day to make full use of and to save time, I've shortlisted some touristy places worth going and will try slot in something kiddy for the kids.

Bergen will be quite relaxing for us so I am planning to slot in some playground time for the kids. Yeah I even went to check the public playgrounds at the places we're going hahah but it'll be freezing so you think they will want to go to the playground? We'll see! But I hope the cold doesn't stop them from enjoying which is why I really spent on their winter wear and plan to dress them very warmly because I really want them to be comfortable. I plan to book a free and easy tour (not following a guide) when we're there. It's a 12 hour tour so hoping we don't faint at the end of it haha. But I think it'll be bearable cause there won't be too much walking.

Ahh, I feel like I am being a little too ambitious here because I booked tours in advance. I seldom book tours in advance but it seems that they run out of slots quite fast so I decided to take the risk and booked 4 tours in advance. So almost every day we're out on tours. Seems that I can explore Tromso better with a guide cause they can drive us to places. If not, I don't know how else to get to places there. Don't know how we'll survive?! Quite worried but just do it la. 

This will be a lot of free and easy. Noted down some places to go and we'll probably do quite a bit of walking. Not gonna book any tours in advance until we're there and see how things are. 

Okay I'm pretty much ready for the trip except for a few more things to buy and a few more places to research on. I'll make a 'trip report' when I'm back k so if you guys wanna go to Norway and Sweden with kids, you can always refer here. :D

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