Thursday, September 28, 2017


Maliq Arrayyan's First Sports Day! Nope he wasn't perspiring but he was running and playing under the water sprinkler spray in the field.

Look at the concentration on his face. 

Maliq didn't win anything though but I did, surprisingly hahah. I didn't sign up for any parents event but they asked me last minute on that day itself whether I wanted to join in the mothers' event and Zai sort of made me agree so yeah. Haha. 

Maqil Arrazi is ONE today! 💕

Picture taken last weekend at my parents' place in JB. Oversized tee, tight pants and mismatched shoes because he pooped and stained everything (even the stroller) while we were having dinner and we sort of just grabbed whatever clothes we could find in our bag. Very obvious we packed our diaper bag anyhow-ly. 😝

So, since this will be Maqil's first birthday, I ordered some balloons for a mini celebration later cause we will have a bigger celebration on Saturday celebrating Maliq's third birthday as well. Wee~!

And remember I was contemplating whether to get a bag, specifically the YSL Lou Camera bag, when my sister went to Italy last month? Well I didn't and, don't know if it's a loss? Haha. But I told her to get me the Prada loafers cause, cheap! But she didn't too cause don't have my exact size in the colour I want. Ho well. I don't know if there's YSL or Prada in Norway or Sweden but I doubt it'll be as cheap as Italy. Will it even be cheaper than Singapore? Do they even have YSL or Prada there? Should I even get or not??? Hmm. Maybe not la huh. 

Speaking of the trip, I finally booked our train ride from Oslo to Bergen as soon as the date we wanted was open for booking, so we managed to get them at a super discounted price, yay! Which worked out to be about SGD35 per adult for a 6 hours train ride with amazing views. That is cheap considering everything in Norway is expensive (their parking fees can be like SGD30 an hour). Plus both our boys travel for free and they have a children's cabin with kids stuff (toys, films, books) and facilities (food and bottle warmer etc.). Very kids friendly! So with that, we settled our transportation (2 plane rides and 1 train ride) between the different cities. 

By the way, it's only September but I'm already looking out for my 2018 planner. Heh. I love the one I'm using this year by The Paper Bunny, but this year's designs are similar to last year's so don't know if I should stick to them or try something new. Let me know if there are any nice ones out there!

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