Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Times Then

Every year I look forward to December and this year is no exception. Why?

1. It's the holidays! Where I don't have to work for a whole month. Because my job doesn't allow me to take leave, I really look forward to this. I can catch up on my sleep, do some reading, go for a swim, go for brunch at a cafe (instead of the canteen), shop on a Monday afternoon where the streets are less crowded. And so much more.

2. It's our engagement first anniversary! We planned to celebrate it the most unromantic way, by going to the theme park. Haha but nothing is confirmed yet so who knows we'll end up doing something else.

3. We might be going on a short road trip with our favourite couple! But of course, subject to my dad's approval. I am not putting too much hope on this but I have a feeling he might allow? Hee.

4. I can finally finally finallyyyyy book my venue, decor and caterer! As the venue booking will only be open in December, I can't book other things yet. :( Once the venue is booked, thennnn I can book the decor annddd caterer as they have a list of in-house caterers to choose from. I can't wait to work with my decorator!

By the way, Soffe is in China for a school trip and it's boring without her in the house. :/ Okay, his parents are coming over later so I should really get going. Haven't even bathe. =x Heh.

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