Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is bad. I've been sleeping at 4am almost every day ever since the holiday started for me. My body clock has gone bonkers like it usually does during holidays. I need to fix this before work resumes.

I've been reading till very late at night but today I decided to take a break from reading (I finished three books so far and I have two more to go). Which is why I ended up here today at 2 in the morning, blogging on my bed, via my phone. Blogger app is really useful for lazy people like me who doesn't like to switch on the laptop.

Anyway, I am so glad and thankful that I have settled my venue problems which almost gave me nightmares. I stated in the last entry that I had to wait till January before I can book the venue. Because I am just so worried about not getting it, I got Zai to call them up again to re-confirm and they told him to wait till June. Ya that almost gave me nightmares. Thankfully, after emailing them, they came to a final decision and I can book the venue in January. I guess I can wait till then. :)

Apart from that piece of good news, I got an even better news from them. Which I will share much later after I secured the venue okay. Won't want to jinx this! Even though I had decided on the venue, I still have not secured it and I hope that I will get it. I mean, there could be other people with the same wedding date as me and want the same venue as me too. Nothing is confirmed until I have made the official booking next month. So I don't want to be too happy yet. Not until I have secured the venue. Heh.

My holiday so far has been manageable. Haha. On some days I realised that I cannot be a housewife. Staying at home every day doing housework is major boredom. On other days I felt like I can do this whole staying at home thing and overcome the boredom by reading, sleeping, going out. Just resting and keeping my mind off work basically. For now, I have a cousin's wedding coming up to keep me occupied until my short trip next week.

That's it. I will try to sleep earlier today instead of the usual 4am these few weeks. It's almost 3 in the morning now.

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