Friday, January 18, 2013


I don't like major changes in my life. I will avoid change if possible. Especially if the outcome does not guarantee that the change will be good. But when it comes to the wedding, I have so many changes haha.

So now, the solemnisation is back to the same day as our receptions. Why? Because of the change in venue, we can now hold the solemnisation at the same place as my reception, that same day. Previously we couldn't hold our solemnisation at the same place as my reception cause my reception venue won't be ready that morning. With the new venue, I can hold my solemnisation at the same place, same day as my reception. Is it confusing? Haha. Hopefully no more changes to the solemnisation date.

Another update, I have ordered my favours! I'm so excited for this one cause I got it at my favourite interior decor shop in JB. It's super cheap, really adorable, good quality and suitable for adults. Yay! The complain aunties won't complain, I hope. The best part, I can't wait to beautify them with pretty coloured ribbons and probably 'thank you' tags. So I plan to DIY the 'thank you' tags and tie the ribbons around each favour. Hope the 'thank you' tag idea materialises though cause I can get quite lazy at times haha. A lot of work but so worth it! Any idea where I can buy cheap ribbons in bulk? Preferably in JB.

Also found out that I can tailor my outfits with the bridal for free (but I have to pay for the cloths and materials) so I can't wait to work on that too! :) I have also met the decorator to choose my decor. It is not something I want but since it is cheaper, I am willing to compromise on that and spend the money elsewhere, like a simple wedding cake.

The wedding planning has been going on fine lately. It was pretty rocky at first I wanted to give up. Haha. Of course, I still have the other details like the gift trays and invitation cards to worry about. But that's for another time.

Ultimately, I cannot wait for the honeymoon. As much as we prepare for the wedding, we also have to prepare ourselves for the whole marriage itself. I think the marriage course will come in useful and informational. :)

My entries these days have been about the wedding, if you noticed. Must be frustrating cause I don't reveal the details like colours, venue, vendors, favours of the wedding yet. Hehe. Just thought that it'll be a nice surprise if I don't reveal everything now. :) Planning to cook sweet and sour fish for dinner today, wish me luck. Heheh.

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