Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

It's another new year but this year is different. This year, is my wedding year. 

I can't believe it is finally the year of our wedding! By the end of 2013, I should be married, so expect more wedding related entries here k. Let's just skip the new year resolutions part. Not that I don't have any but it'll be more effective if I don't share them haha.

Some updates, I am fatter now. I am trying to jog off some fats. Yes, I do have fats believe me. Another update, I decided to change my wedding venue. Yes, the wedding venue that I had been eyeing on. For some reasons, it is very inconvenient to hold a Malay wedding there because of the restrictions that the caterer and decor will face. We have also made a change to our wedding itinerary. Instead of having the solemnisation on the same day as both of our receptions, we are going to do the solemnisation a day before our receptions so that it won't be a mad rush for us to coordinate 3 events in a day (solemnisation, his reception, my reception). Thankfully, our bridal, photographer and videographer are able to make it after we told them of the change.

There are still a lot of things which I haven't booked although I managed to settle the major stuff. :/ Right now I have given up on planning for the wedding so I'm just looking forward to planning for the honeymoon and going for the pre-marriage course. Haha!
Anyway, on our first engagement anniversary, Zai surprised me with a Pandora! So happy okay I couldn't stop smiling like a lunatic. Haha. I was late for our hi-tea date and he got mad. But he still gave me a present although he was angry haha. I gave him a present too but not as nice as what he gave me! I'm broke now la... Hehe can't wait to fill it with charms!

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