Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bling Bling

I was asking my bridesmaids how often do they wear their engagement rings (half of my bridesmaids are engaged). They don't even wear to work so that their rings won't scratch so much. How often do you girls wear your engagement ring? I wear mine 24/7 even when I'm taking a shower. Except when I'm wearing make up. :/ Mine is not as nice anymore but (in case Zai is reading), I still adore it!

I really don't have a better picture but this is my lovely engagement ring, Tiffy! Haha yeah I just praised my own ring. It has only been with me for a year plus but it has many scratches on it already. Any inexpensive way to remove the scratches without sending it for polishing? Cause that would cost quite a bit. Their free polishing won't remove any scratches at all. :/

Anyway here's a background of my engagement ring story. Old story la cause I've been engaged for one year and three months ready. Not much of a story actually. I would love to have something with many diamonds all over, like an eternity ring, or something like the picture below. But this is just a dream ring. Sometimes dreams don't come true haha.

An example of my dream ring.

Of course I settled for something with less diamonds so that my future husband won't cancel his intention of marrying me. So I decided on these squarish rings because I don't want the typical solitaire.
But it's not as nice in real life and he agreed too. :/

 So I thought of the heart ring above but my future mother-in-law said it's kiddish. Haha. Kiddish ah? Okay so I decided to choose the princess (square) cut one below.

I like this cause it's not as common as the round cut diamond rings. But, the sales person and my best friend, aka my Maid of Honour, said princess cut diamonds are not as shiny. True enough when I compared a round cut and princess cut. The round cut was sparkling whereas the princess cut was just shining. So I ended up taking the typical round cut solitaire. So much for trying to be different haha. 

From the beginning I dreamed of having the little blue box heheh. So he made one of my dreams come true. He couldn't get me a very bling ring like the first picture, but he got me the little blue box with a little diamond ring inside so I'm super thankful for that. How he proposed is another story for another day. You can read the brief version first on "Our Journey" tab. :)

Speaking of rings, I really like the infinity and bow ring from Tiffany. Why so pretty?!

And I really don't mind the one without diamonds! So nice!

Need to save like crazy for the wedding so this will have to wait for quite a while. Shouldn't have talked about rings now I feel like getting them even more. =x How like that?


  1. Omg the last 4 tiffany rings you posted are my favourites as well! I also think the princess cut ring is not as sparkly as the round one, but we decided to get it anyway cos its my firstttt looove & dream ring hehe. I wear it almost everyday!

    1. Hi-5! Haha they're so pretty right.. I also have the same bead bracelet as you except mine's a necklace not bracelet. Actually the non-diamond ones are not so ex as they're sterling silver, so tempting!!! I wear my ring everyday and everywhere! Princess cut is nice! Good that you stick to it unlike me, I changed my mind and chose round cut instead haha.

  2. i dun wear to work cos sayang! takot ter-hit table la ter-scratch la all the ter ter la. i wear oni when i go out with fiance, family or just out. but not to work, at work or after work unless meeting fiance :)

    1. You're like my friends.. But I didn't think of that at first. At first I wore on certain days only. Then I got lazy to keep wearing and removing so I just wear every day. Now regret cause da many scratches. Da banyak ter ter ter. :/