Monday, March 25, 2013

Half Pass

Remember that I wanted to do a few things by the weekend? And guess what happened? Zai landed himself in the hospital for two days due to his swollen leg and that left us with only Sunday to do whatever we needed to do. Thankfully, he is feeling so much better now! Okay let's see if I managed to complete the four things I planned to do.

1. Buy wedding bands.
Okay this one, is half done. We only managed to get my ring. We couldn't get his because they don't have his size. Which is fine with me but the reason why we wanted to buy the rings now is because we wanted to avoid the price increase! It might take until May for his ring to be available and by then, the price will increase. :( So hopefully we can get it by April. Anything after April is an increase of about $200 and according to the lady who attended to us, "$200 is not that much actually, it's just a small amount." Huh?! Any amount right now is crucial to us okay. We need to save whatever little we can save. Bleargh.

2. Prepare bridesmaids' token.
I decided not to be ambitious and just prepare some cards for them. I printed the cards, bought some paper bags from Daiso, a roll of ribbon also from Daiso and "packed" some of the cloths neatly. Unfortunately, one roll of ribbon is not enough and I need another one. I also haven't written anything on the cards yet and I thought of doing something different for the cards. So not sure if they'll turn out okay. Therefore this is also, half done. :/ I will post photos of this once everything is done!

3. Book wedding cake.
I went to the open house with two intentions. To book wedding cake and to talk to the group entertainment I already booked for my wedding. I'm sure you all can guess who are my cake and entertainment vendors now haha. Booking of cake was fast la they were within my budget and like I said I am not that particular about the cakes so even though the cakes didn't taste super yummy to me, it was still acceptable. Managed to talk to my entertainment group also. Requested them not to be too loud. Hahaha the lady attending to me was fine with it. I don't like anything too loud. :/

Oh and remember I wanted the inside of the cake to be pink? Not a good idea cause it will make the cake dry. I thought it's just the colouring but no, it's more than just colouring. Apparently to have coloured cake they must bake a white cake, and white cake means less butter which means, dry cake. Anyway that's optional for me. So for this one, task completed!

4. Buy things for his room at Ikea.
We didn't have time to stroll through Ikea because it was late already so we straight away went to their food hahah. I went with my Mom a few days before that and didn't see anything I like. The things that were on sale are all the things that I don't need. So I told him don't waste time. Just go straight to the Semla bun which we were looking forward to.

End up the bun tasted like the spices used in Nasi Briyani. -.-
This task is also half done la. :/

I can write so many things in here but couldn't even think of anything much to write for my workplace's write-up. Haiyo.

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