Monday, March 11, 2013

Mint Overload

As you can tell from today's title, I am going to talk about mint green! My current favourite colour. I wonder what will be my next favourite colour.

The cakes are simple and pretty! Just the way I like things to be. Actually there are much prettier mint green cakes but I only found those prettier ones after I saved these two cakes from Pinterest so I got lazy to save more.

Mint green outside and pink inside! I want to have this!

Zai can wear something like this during our third change of outfit but he's looking at pinstriped suit instead of plain suit. I found a pinstriped one on Pinterest (ya everything Pinterest now) where to find a mint green pinstriped? :/ Guys suits are all plain and boring. =x

If only I can have the gold glitter lining envelope for my invitation. So pretty! And so many other mint green earrings know! I saw a ribbon one too, so sweet looking.


So pretty can!!! Gold and mint green bag and shoes! I probably won't get a mint green Chanel la, more practical to buy black if I ever get one that is. But I would consider getting the mint green Kate Spade shoes. Hehe! I so love!

I love the one on the right! Where to buy?! It looks more to Tiffany blue though but I love Tiffany blue as well. Haha. The one on the left with the peach blazer is nice too la and I always think mint green and peach go so well together.

I try to have some mints and peaches at my wedding but not to the extend of customising my decor, but maybe for my dress, yes. I am planning to have some mints and peaches for the favours and the cake. If possible for invitations as well but it depends if the vendor has any mint and peach designs cause unlikely that I will customise my invitations.

Okay la, enough of mints for today. Work piling up ready. :/ And I am having a dilemma on the photographers. Feel like having another one. =x Hopefully by the next entry, I would have decided already. Can't decide if I should splurge 1k plus more. Help!

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