Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Strike Off

First day of my short break from work and my body just had to wake up at 7am instead of sleeping in till afternoon.  Anyway I have accomplished a few things over the past week.

1) If you noticed, I struck off an item on my wedding checklist. I wanted to get the bridesmaids' top for their outfit from Jakel at JB during the weekend but there was nothing there that I wanted. It was very cheap there because they are moving to a new place. (We actually went to the new place but couldn't find it until we realised they are only moving at the END of March. -.-) So cheap that I got these for myself at RM6 per meter. I would have gotten this for the girls too but the material is thin and can see through quite a bit so not appropriate especially those wearing headscarf. 

Something in Tiffany blue, navy blue and light brown. Yes I like blue. 

Since I couldn't find their cloths, I finally got my butt down to Arab St to settle their tops for their outfit. I settled their bottom (not their butts but the bottom part of their outfits) at Arab St too, a few weeks back. Spent an hour or so at just one shop to decide on what colour to get for them. I roughly knew what material I wanted to get but I stood there just staring at all the cloths because I just couldn't decide on the colour. When I finally decided, it was an hour later.

2) If you notice again, I struck off one more thing on my wish list thanks to him. Hehe! So happy!!! Gifts for our 4th anni. :) And what did I get him? Venum fight shorts. Yes, a pair of shorts. Haha. From the two things below can you make a guess where we would love to go for our honeymoon? :D Due to unforeseen circumstances though, we can only make final decisions of our honeymoon 4 months before our wedding. So, nothing is confirmed now. :/ Is that too late?

This is not on my wish list but I was looking forward to see this book in stores!

3) I have also booked another photographer for the wedding because I wanted another style of photography, different from what the first one does. After weeks of thinking, I decided to just splurge on another photographer. There goes my money. Please tell me it's for a good cause. Haish.

Three things done so far. A few more things to be done by this weekend!

1) After looking at four different brands for our rings, we finally decided on one. Mainly, I decided cause I was more choosy. =x We're getting the ring by this weekend because the sales person told us that their prices will increase by 10% in April!

2) To prepare bridesmaids little token of appreciation to pass together with the cloths. Hee.

3) To settle booking of wedding cakes if I like what is being offered at the open house this weekend.

4) To go Ikea for their sale and buy some things needed for his room, cause I will need to stay at his place half of the time before the house is ready. We will have Swedish food and desserts while we're there. He is looking forward to the food more than shopping for his room makeover he said. Guys. -.-

Can't wait!

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