Monday, April 22, 2013


Got the bands on Saturday after the engraving, yay!

Happy! Now both rings are siting in their boxes safely in my room, waiting to be worn. That will be in more than 7 months time. We were thinking, since the date is already engraved on the ring, what if we change our wedding date. =x After all, it is still months away from the wedding and many things can happen from now till then. Okay whatever it is, we better not change the wedding date or else we will have to live with our rings having the wrong wedding dates sey.

Anyway I was saying we shortlisted 3 other brands for our wedding bands and they are:

1. Bvlgari
We would have chosen the B.Zero1 ring but rejected because it doesn't come in platinum. :( We actually liked the design, I guess that's why it's quite common among other couples too. Simple but not boring looking. I don't like anything that has the brand name so obviously engraved on top of the ring either so I guess this is not so obvious. And it looks better in real life cause the diamonds are more sparkly, so it looks like there's just diamonds all over. Sadly, it doesn't come in platinum. But if you don't mind silver, you can consider this. They do have a silver version with black ceramic which they sell for a good cause for Save The Children campaign. But the white, yellow and rose gold version comes in 3 bands, for both with or without diamonds. The one above with diamonds is one band and the one without is two bands. I just thought guys would prefer a thicker ring and girls a thinner ring with diamonds.

2. Mont Blanc

Rejected because the brand just reminds me of pens cause their pens are more well known than their jeweleries. Haha. But their rings are not bad. Both rings can actually be connected together when stack them on one finger. The two ends of both rings will meet and it will fit nicely to become one ring. Good thing was it comes in platinum and with or without diamond options. Also comes with just one stone diamond instead of diamonds all over. They do have it in other golds and thicker versions as well. :)

3. Louis Vuitton
This one, was Zai's idea. I didn't know he can be better at researching haha. Rejected because not really nice in real life. :/ The brand name is engraved in the concave holes, so not so obvious. Also comes with diamonds in those holes you see instead of all over. I don't know what's wrong with it, just didn't look nice in real life although I must say the customer service was really good. Comes in platinum and other golds.

So those looking for wedding bands and willing to splurge on them, you can consider the above bands. But you'll actually be paying for the brand name, if you don't mind. As for us, we decided to spend a little bit more on rings than on the gift trays. As I mentioned before, our gift trays are really the bare minimum. :/ If not for my Dad, we wouldn't even want to have the gift trays at all. Now we have one more thing off the list! Wee~!


  1. ISH BABE tak mahal ke all these brands? Share sikit pricing thanksssss you :)

    1. Haha at your email add. Sanggup create one just for the wedding eh. I wouldn't say they're cheap cause there are cheaper ones out there. Even more expensive than these pon ade haha. I'm willing to trade my barang dulang for this wedding band so, not that bad la. Have to compromise with myself. Kalau boleh semua nak tapi apakan daya bankrupt nanti. Later I email you whatever I have as a rough guide k.

  2. Bvlgari was one of my choice for his wedding band and yes its true they do not have them 'not-in-gold'. Mostly are white gold. Did you specially order the 'not-gold' ring for your future husband for the Cartier ring? And how much does it cost?

    1. Hello! So what ring did you get him in the end? I didn't specially order the ring cause Cartier rings come in Platinum version. I just ordered the ring in his size cause they didn't have his size in stock that time. It's around $4k plus. :)

  3. Hi there,

    Do you mind sharing abit with regard to the Cartier's pricing?
    I've intended to get his end of the year.
    And, congratulations to you and HTB for your upcoming wedding.
    May everything goes smoothly for you... :)


    1. Hi Faz, I don't mind sharing at all. Actually I can't really remember the prices but don't worry I will retrieve the email I sent another bride-to-be regarding the prices and send the info to you. I don't have exact pricing though. Will email you k. :)