Friday, April 19, 2013

Health is Wealth

Conversation between me and my sisters.

Before anything, in case people who knows me are reading this and rolling their eyes at one thin girl complaining about being fat, let me say first, I am not fat. Heh. But I want to lose some fats somewhere, not because of the wedding but I just think that some parts of my body needs to be smaller. :/ So my sisters and Zai will sometimes try to encourage and motivate me. Especially Zai cause he's quite a health freak conscious guy which I am somewhat thankful for! Although at times hate because everything he eats is just so boring and it just irritates me. Babe, if you're reading this I appreciate you buying multi vitamins, raspberry ketones, collagen all for my health and well-being even though I am so not disciplined. Heh.

And as you can see, I am so lazy that even the above Lazy Girl's Workout is too much for me. I tried the first one okay, the single leg raise and oh my god, my leg felt so weak after 10 times of doing it and I'm supposed to do 20 to 30 times.

Then I tried the Inner Thigh Pulse and couldn't figure out the position of legs and hands all. Hand leg coordination fail. Then I tried Reverse Crunches and I couldn't lift my butt much. -.- So I didn't bother with the last exercise. Too lazy to turn over my whole body after all the failed attempts. :/

P/s: Our group chat name is Benotians because when our Mom nags at us she will start saying things like "Korang ni macam orang Benot tau tak!"

P/p/s: My sister's name is Tom2 (Tom-Tom not Tom Two) because she likes cats. So I decided to give her a cat name, Tom from Tom and Jerry. Haha. Then my boyfriend took my phone and just changed her name to Tom2. He is always hijacking my phone.

P/p/p/s: Boyfriend refers to my fiance. I am not used to calling him fiance. I don't know how am I going to get used to calling him HUSBAND in future.

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