Sunday, April 28, 2013

Felt Pahar

Out of all the things that I neglect most during the wedding planning, is actually the bunga pahar. I kept telling myself I can deal with that towards the end or I'm not going to have it at all since it is not important. But then again, my makciks are fond of keeping all these bunga telur, my mom one of them. Don't know why cause I find it menyemak. So I thought it will be nice if they can have one from my wedding, as a small token of appreciation to keep and remember like that haha.

At first I wanted to leave it to the last minute because I thought of just buying those typical ones from JB. Then my dear friend started making flowers out of ribbons and felt cloths cause she's thinking of selling them as kids accessories some time this coming June. Which I will definitely share with everyone when the time comes! I thought I could use her help to DIY, right?! Not the accessories but my bunga pahar. I immediately got excited and messaged her about my intention to get her to do my bunga pahar.

As you can see, I was just trying my luck and she agreed to help me. Sampai masok mimpi tau! So I am her first customer haha. We kept exchanging ideas and photos on felt flowers. Told her she can also start selling bunga pahar if this is a success haha. Anyway, she started with this and showed us (Bib and I).

Cute, no?

Then she made these and many other samples.

That's how it struck me that I could get her help. So excited k. Actually I think I am the only one excited about this, she's just going along with my wedding excitement since she's already married, complete with two cute girls. Haha.

Seeing her felt flowers reminded me of this lady from Brunei (if I'm not wrong) who does nice bunga pahars and flower bouquets out of felt cloths and tissue pompoms!

 Felt roses bunga pahar.

 Pompoms bunga pahar.

 Felt hearts bunga pahar!

Then I searched for some inspirations from Pinterest, as usual.

Everything so cantik! Got even nicer ones but lazy to upload haha.

Back to my pahar project, we kept exchanging ideas and photos. Look at the number of photos we sent each other (below). We talked about types of flowers, size, colours, ways to put it together etc.

Then she sent me pictutes of the sample she tried out for mine (see the last row of photos above):

The last picture was from her FB, thus the "please wait" caption.

Wee~! And I can't wait to see it happen. We might not decide on the yellow flower above though. This will be her first time doing this so it is still in the trial and error stage. I am really hoping it will materialise instead of just a passing idea. :/ Although I really don't mind doing it together with her since it is for my wedding anyway, but I'm scared I will just make everything worse haha. Like I mentioned, I don't have DIY skills so this is really helpful and something for me to look forward to, even though it's just some flowers by the side of the pelamin.


  1. i suke your felt bunga pahaaar! cantik nyeeee.

    1. Hehe not me who did it pon.. Got a friend to try out. And I haven't decided on a final design yet. Thank you by the way! :D

  2. I did a felt bunga pahar too! And your friend do nice flowers! So kemas...not like mine heheh..

    1. You did too? I'm figuring out how to secure the stick to the flowers. Not sure if my friend has tried up to this stage haha.

    2. yup! (can see my diy list)heheh...

      I actually create a little "hole" at the base of the flower to insert the satay sticks a little and glue the sticks before continuing pasting the rest of the petals.

      Else u could use a wire (since it's way thinner than satay stick) and then coil it around the satay stick. THen u can cover up with floral tape?

    3. Btw, do get satay stick that is at least 25-30cm long (not the usual satay sticks, the usual one abit shot). U can buy at giant or art friend. For felts, I got from Golden Dragon @ Ppl Park centre. Buy by metres is alot cheaper. Hope it helps!

    4. Thank you, thank you for the tips! I just told my friend about it! We're aware about the sticks. Just wondering how to secure the sticks hehe. And I didn't know we can buy the cloth in meters. Expert la you! Thanks for sharing. :) Helps a lot!