Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do the Dulang

In an effort to save the earth money, we are thinking of DIY-ing our gift trays aka dulangs. :/ I am quite scared about this because I am useless at DIY things. He already has some dulangs from his sister's wedding some years back so he's going to use them and I'm going to help him with the decoration. I don't trust his taste haha. As for me, I probably got to buy or should I engage a pro to do for me? :/ Anyway we won't have many gift trays to begin with. We didn't want any at first but my Dad prefers us to have, so we're sticking to the bare minimum. We rather spend the money on other things, like honeymoon or futute home. Already the wedding costs us a bomb. Maybe even a bomb is cheaper. We're thinking of about four to five trays with only the essentials as gifts. I will give extra one gift tray. I don't know, has it always been the tradition for the bride's side to return more gift trays?

From Him
1. Sejadah
2. Telekung
3. Qur'an
4. Ring + Hantaran

From Her
1. Sejadah
2. Baju sembahyang
3. Qur'an
4. Ring
5. ???

I had to combine his ring + hantaran gifts into just one tray for me so that the number of trays I have to return will be lesser, five instead of six trays. I just have to think of one extra tray to return him instead of thinking of two more. Baju sembahyang for guys is actually something like baju melayu those Indonesians always wear. Or pakcik-pakcik always wear eh? =x (Image off Google)

Now I'm thinking of the fifth tray for him. I can't give him bag, shoes or toiletries without him returning me a bag, shoes or toiletries as well, no? I'm very leceh, everything must match if possible, that's why got baju sembahyang for guys, haha. I was thinking of food, or cake. Cake also not cheap. :/ Or macarons or choclates! Although he's quite a health freak, but the kids on his side can have them. I try to avoid food cause it's quite leceh to collect food or make sure it's delivered on time. Must also make sure it's fresh and won't melt. Other than food is there any other gifts I can return him? If not, I probably just stick to food.

Any place that sells gift tray worthy sejadah and Qur'an? Went to Bandung last year and didn't get all these cause it was still too early back then, although he did buy my sejadah and telekung from there. Have thought of some simple and easy ways to decorate the trays so we'll see how it goes when the time comes.


  1. hey babe, i think KL has nice Quran and sejadah. Jakarta too! if in SG, im clueless. hehe. maybe geylang.

    1. KL any particular shop? I'm going KL in June yay! Haha. And I have a lot of cousins in KL. Oh and anywhere in JB let me know k! Cause I'm always at JB too. :) Thank you!