Friday, May 31, 2013

Head Accessories

I don't know how my hair will be like for the wedding. I know that for the traditional outfit I'll probably have some sanggul, which I have not researched on but I'll just wear whatever simple one the bridal company has for me. For the modern outfit, I thought head bands are nice.

I've seen some pretty bridal head bands for different hair styles. And these head bands, are pretty for buns but I don't think I can carry off bun well though.

Then there are pretty head bands which are worn almost at the forehead but not really, framing the face nicely.

Or something like this if you have bangs.

I thought the head band idea was just okay until I saw Kim K wearing this dainty forehead band for her wedding. So nice! My vocab like limited eh, everything I see and I like I just say nice and no other words. Hahaha. 

I am okay with or without veil but I love this kinda head band, those that you wear on the forehead instead of on the head. I would love to wear something like that on my wedding day. If I can find a nice one that is.

From Innai Red. I like her forehead band!

Something less formal, but macam pendekar tak? Haha.

Then as usual, as soon as I like something I will try to incorporate that idea everywhere so I thought of floral crown for the photoshoot. It's a forehead band but not the exact same thing. But then I might look like I have a bunch of grass on my head. Haha.

Then I saw this, so pretty the braids and tassels!

Okay I want to have any one of the above forehead band for my wedding or photoshoot can?! Speaking of which, I have not sent my cloth for the photoshoot dress to the tailor. Wonder how that will turn out.


  1. Definitely loving the Kim K nyer head necklace!! Loving the bohemian look, especially the tassle ends of that last photo!!! gorgeous!!



    1. Kim K nye simple and pretty! The purple tassels so lawa do they only exist in Pintrest these pretty things?! Haha. Never see selling in shops before pon.. Haha.

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