Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Point Turn

Okay, 2 weeks into the holidays and my wedding preparations are progressing at a sloooow pace. Too lazy to write properly so everything will be in point form.

1) Sent my photoshoot dress to the tailor. To a never-tried-before tailor in fact, because the one that I sent to before wasn't available that day, I was just too lazy to come back another day and time is running out. I really hope it'll turn out okay, at least. Can only see the outcome in end August. I'm quite scared actually.

2) Started with the mass production of bunga pahar. Why mass? I have to cut many circles to produce just one flower. But of course with the help of Maton. This will not complete until early August, probably. 

3) Bought the groomsmen samping for cheap at KL. The colour of the samping was supposed to match the colour of the bridesmaid top but I couldn't find a matchy one. I don't think I'll ever find one cause the colour of the bridesmaid top is really, complicated. Hard to find and even if I do find one, it's probably over my budget. So okay la it doesn't really match now but I hope everything will still look okay, the least.

4) Found a nice wedding cards place at Pandan, which I think A White Wedding mentioned in her blog before. So I'll probably just order from them since it's near my place, anyway.

5) Will probably get my wedding dress tailored so I'm kinda looking forward. It'll just be a simple dress. I don't want it to be white because I reserved the colour white for my nikah but I'm not sure if a non-white wedding dress will look nice with a simple design.

6) Cousin's wedding at KL was a simple one. I like her sanding outfit but I love her nikah outfit most!

(Photo from her FB) I like this baju a lot! It's white, chiffon, silvery, glittery and simple. :)

7) Thought of asking my aunty (the mother of the bride above) to bake cookies for my wedding favours but that will be a whole lot of cookies to bake! So I'm quite sure she will say no to this. Her cookies sedap! Sourcing for cookie bakers now, or nuts suppliers hah. Cookies will be better though, or some other stuff which I've yet to think about.

8) I just told my decorator about doing the solemnisation at the CC itself but she can only get back to me on Monday so I'm wondering how is nikah at CC done. I've seen some weddings had the nikah on stage where all the guests will be seated on the stage floor and some weddings had everyone seated at tables and on chairs. Do we need to rearrange everything to get ready for the reception? Are there any extra charges by the decorator for this?

9) We're going for the pre-marriage course tomorrow! I was excited at first, now I'm just okay. I guess I can already expect some things which are going to be covered.
10) For everything else, things are stagnant and not progressing much but I am still slacking, hah! I think I not only need to physically prepare the whole wedding reception but also mentally, financially and emotionally prepare myself for marriage too. Which I will never be prepared until I really throw myself into it and learn how to be ready. It's a happy scary feeling for me this marriage thingy. It's a good feeling too! :)


  1. i had the exact feelings too, slacking je last month, a little on the malas side suddenly. hehe. and i got to agree this wedding/marriage gives me the scary feeling too.

    1. Ya I feel so unproductive and bochap. And guilty about it. =x It's a scary feeling kan.. Hope the feeling goes away soon. :/