Friday, June 28, 2013

What If

I know I've not been contributing any entries here (one week only) for my future reference, like ten years later read back what I wrote and then cringe. Haha. First, let me explain the initial purpose of this blog. Initially, Zai suggested having a blog for our honeymoon purposes. We wanted to go somewhere far for long so he suggested like a day to day journal to be recorded here. Or some detailed entries on the honeymoon with pictures after we come back from honeymoon. We also thought of a physical travel journal but we haven't bought it yet. So I told him instead of starting the blog only for the honeymoon I might as well blog about the wedding journey, yes? So this blog came about. And you bride bloggers out there inspired me too la, chey. Haha.

He also suggested the blog's name. I like 'Groom My Bride' but thought that it will not be a relevant blog name after the wedding and I want to continue this beyond the wedding if possible. So he suggested 'The Next Phase' and I agreed cause even after the wedding, we will enter phases of life as we both grow older. Okay so why am I telling you all these? It is to justify why I've not been here the past week because the main purpose of this blog is about honeymoon at first, not the wedding. So I have nothing much to talk about the wedding. Then I realise that's not a good reason and is actually out of context, so actually the real reason is I'm busy and lazy. Yes. That's it.

Anyway I don't know why I am being paranoid with the whole wedding nowadays. Keep thinking what if something goes wrong? What if the whole thing won't look nice? What if everything doesn't fall into place? What if the colour combination sucks? What if the whole thing is too rushing I overrun my timing by a lot? I'm annoying myself I should stop this negativity. It's bad for health. June is coming to an end and (the last three words all sounded the same), unfortunately I didn't manage to complete my to-do list.

Here's the updated to-do list:

1) Read books. 
I read two books only and 4 and a half more to go! But still better than nothing.

2) Start on gift trays.
Please blame Zai on this. He said, "Mai kancheong, still got time".

3) Finish bunga pahar.
We didn't finish but we started can? :/

4) Send photoshoot outfit to tailor.
Done! But at a never-tried-before tailor so hope it goes well.

5) Source for different kinds of nuts, anyone got contacts please?
No but we are changing to something else that's easier to source.

6) Go for pre-marriage course.
Done! :)

7) Decide on honeymoon.
Discussed but not booked anything.

8) Go for cousin's wedding at KL.

9) Buy gift tray items.
Same as #2.

10) Decide whether to tailor wedding dress. 
Decided but waiting for first draft of the design. Slow progress. -.-

11) Go for facial.

Anyway I discovered some new and not-so new gadgets/widgets from Blogger so I added a few of them at the side of my blog (or at the bottom if you're on mobile view).

1) You May Wanna Read (web view only)
2) Follow by Email (mobile view and web view)
3) Search This Blog (web view only)
4) Contact Me (web view only)

I know I still haven't done a blog list to link all you BTBs out there but all these while I've been going to KK's blog to just read from the blogs she listed (I hope you don't mind I'm taking advantage of your blog list KK!). Too many to list in my own blog but whatever's on her blog list, I actually read them all whenever I have the time. :D

I have also updated my wish list! Happy happy! Because last week was my birthday, I got 6 things on my wish list (and few other things not in picture). 

1. New camera for honeymoon
2. Pink Agnes B. camera strap but OOS ready, how? :(
3. Winter wear for honeymoon
4. New pair of jeans (getting fatter, that's why)
5. Perfume
6. Leather crossbody sling bag (Coach or Kate Spade)
7. Portable or car charger
8. Pandora safety chain
9. Melissa jelly shoes
10. Black leather belt
11. Black cardigan
12. Leather lanyard Change to laptop I need laptop! I don't care about lanyard anymore!

I have sweet sweet fiance, friends and colleagues. :) I am at the 'don't feel like doing anything I think my wedding won't be nice anyway' stage of the wedding planning. Haha I'm looking at pictures of beautiful places on earth to keep me excited so I'm stalking 'Places To See In Your Lifetime' on FB.

Santorini, Greece

 Appemzellerland, Switzerland

 Navagio Beach, Greece

 Sicily, Italy

 Hokkaido, Japan

 The Bahamas

 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Igloo Village, Sariselka, Finland
Sleep under the northern lights/Aurora Borealis!

It looks like this from the inside!

Okay I can post a hundred more pictures of beautiful places here but this is more than enough for today. I have to start my Wanderlust list soon. If only I can afford to go all these places I'll be mad happy and happy until mad. By the way next week can register for marriage and book Tok Kadi ready!


  1. OMG! i love the igloo village! AWESOME NYEEEEEEE!

    1. Yes yes yes!!! It's a hotel actually, Hotel Kakslauttanen! Can consider if you ever thought of going Finland. It looks so awesome especially under the northern lights/auroras! Too pretty and awesome! Haha excited sey padahal only see in picture belom real life lagi ni.

  2. of course i don't mind you reading the BTB list off my blog! and omg why you post gambar gambar tempat semua lawa lawa oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i like the bahamas picture! then again i love swings so... hahahah

    1. Cause you have an extensive blog list! Heheh nice right.. I wanna go to all these places kalau boleh. Why no such thing in Singapore eh.. They featured Singapore in one of their photo album and that's marina bay sands sky park. Hmm boleh tahan la but still! Not as nice pon as all the above photos. Haha.