Friday, August 23, 2013


Our photoshoot in about two weeks and we've not exactly prepared anything. I like to list down my things so this is my to-do list for the photo shoot which I have not done! Yes I have a list of them. Shoot me.

1. Collect informal outfit from tailor.
2. Go to bridal company to rent my formal outfit.
3. Buy accessories to go with informal outfit.
4. Wait for Zai's formal outfit bought online.
5. Decide on Zai's informal outfit.
6. Decide on hair-do but I think this I will leave it to the make-up artist if I can't decide. :/
7. Think of a theme and prepare props (but I'll probably go without props free & easy).
8. Double confirm appointment with photog and MUA.
9. Locations? Probably getting photog to suggest haha.
10. Buy shoes for both of us!

You see? So many things left on the list. If you notice, I have an informal outfit and a formal outfit for the photoshoot. I thought of doing an informal photoshoot only without a formal wedding dress. Then Zai suggested having two outfits for variety. But now, I haven't confirm with my photog if that's possible or will that be too rushing in that 4 hour or so time frame.

As for locations, if we're going to have two outfits then one must be indoor and the other, outdoor. When I said indoor, I didn't mean studio shoots. What I meant was places that are outside the studio but indoor. Like:

1) Cafe
2) School
3) Library

Ya I can't think of other places right now but the library is nice haha. Cafe's nice too. Don't know if those are possible cause I haven't even check with photog! Seriously just shoot me.

On another note, yesterday I panicked a little cause Zai and I bought a few stuff for the gift trays. Then I realised I have no idea how to decorate my gift trays. I mean, I can look for ideas but when the tray and the item was in front of me last night, I just went blank. So yaya papaya wanna do DIY trays this is what happens la. -.- I also went to the tailor to collect my photoshoot dress but it wasn't ready. I knew it. But yesterday was quite productive cause we managed to get his outfit for the photoshoot, managed to buy gift tray items and managed to book rental of my trays. Just the trays without decor. Then up to my own "creativity" la how to decorate. Haha I hope I don't screw this up. I have his trays to do also! So clever to volunteer decorate my own trays to myself. :/

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