Friday, October 18, 2013

ROMM & Lights

On 4th October my parents, Zai and I went to ROMM to finally register our wedding. Okay, imagine this. I drove there with mom in car nagging at the way/speed I was driving. With my phone on my lap (I don't have the phone holder thing) to look at the map (thank god iPhone has GPS). Rushed there because I knew Zai would make noise if we miss the morning session before they close for lunch.

Dad fetched Zai in another car. So the two men in one car, and Mom and I in another car. The two men has very good sense of directions while we, have none. The two of them were already in Singapore while we were from JB. But guess who reached first? Mom and I.

ROMM closes for lunch at 11am on Fridays and mom and I reached at 10.57am, seriously. I was about to take the queue number when the guy at the counter said I couldn't take until everyone was present.

Guess what time my Zai and my dad reached? 11.04am. So could we still take a queue number? No. So upset even the security guard could sense. Haha! So people, if you think that you're going to be late, don't even bother going down cause the system won't allow you to take a queue number even if you're one minute late.

Then went for lunch at Pu3 (which I just had at my BFF's wedding as well) to kill time before going again at 2pm. That was when I saw my colleague. Such a pleasant surprise that she's getting married too. Heh. 

And I can't wait for Zai's room to be ready! I like to list down things so here is a list of things we've done to his room:

1) Painted it.
2) Bought and assembled the bed, side table, TV rack and drawers. 
3) Bought things to hang on the wall.
4) Bought miscellaneous stuff like the bin, laundry basket, lamp and a magnetic board. 

Things left to do:
1) Buy bedsheet and quilt (or maybe just use the fairly new ones I have).
2) Hang some things on the wall.
3) Buy full length mirror (if there's no full length one in his room).

I got a white bed frame that looks similar like the one below and still thinking if I should have fairy lights like that as well:

Apparently he doesn't mind, maybe I should just do it. Haha. In fact, I have some hanging lanterns in my current room right now.

Anyway I can't wait for his room to be ready and compare the 'before' and 'after'! There are some things I can't change about his room like the colour of his wardrobe. So I'm just going to have whites and greys to be safe, with some splashes of colours. Wee~!

Still a lot of miscellaneous stuff to do for the wedding, I feel bleargh. :/ 


  1. EH MEREPEKNYE THEIR SYSTEM. why lambat 1 minute also cannot!!!

    1. Tu ah! Don't know wanna blame my dad and fiancé for being late or wanna blame their system.

      For a moment I thought you said my fairy lights yang merepek. Cause after thinking now, I think macam menyemak pulak. Tak jadi ah nak fairy lights. Hahaha.

    2. hahaha wahlau why would i say your fairy lights merepek?! very pretty, what!!! my sisters bedroom pun ada.

      my favourite fairy lights ideas are the ones styled into a word on the wall, like this:

      or the one with pictures pinned on the fairy lights, like this:

    3. Lawa la! Okay can consider! Subject to approval from him. But I think he's okay as long as he can sleep, can ready hahah.

  2. Been sprucing up the room too! And I need a laundry basket. Cant believe I'm fussing over a small item. Haha.

    1. Hahah my laundry basket is not a basket pon. It's a translucent container big enough for clothes but not too big, from Ikea. They actually use it as kids drawers or cupboards. Comes in many different colours but I got white. :D