Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Splurge Pinks

I did a Save List and an Average List before so here's my Splurge List!


1. Rings
Since we planned to DIY our gift trays and not going to spend on the gifts at all, we decided to splurge on the rings. After all we will wear this for a lifetime and since he can't wear gold, I don't mind getting a platinum for him. But then, I ended up DIY-ing my trays only. Getting professional help for his haha.

2. Videography
The one I really wanted was booked and I didn't really like any others. So I booked my second choice, which is quite expensive to me I guess.

3. Honeymoon
I think this will be a major splurge since we decided to go Europe for 3 full weeks and we all know Euros, Pounds and Swiss Francs are not cheap. Plus, winter wear is not cheap either. I have to buy a full set because I've not been to winter countries before! So excited heh.

4. Chiavari Chairs
I think some people can understand why we spend on such chairs haha. Zai couldn't comprehend what's the deal about this. To him, they are just chairs. A splurge because, it increased my decor price by quite a bit such that it exceeds the budget I placed for decor.

5. Entertainment
I am strongly against karaoke. Haha no offence k just my preference. Since Zai took a traditional live band for his side, I decided to take that too. And, they're not exactly cheap either? I might also use them to be my emcee for nikah, so yeah, additional charges too.

6. Photoshoot 
We booked this blindly and later realised that it is not exactly what we want for a photoshoot. At first Zai refused to change or get another one and since we've paid deposit and I already spent on another photog for the actual day. But he gave in and I managed to convince him to get another outdoot photoshoot package. So now we have two outdoor photoshoot, just that we are still trying to sell off the first one. :( Bleah. Anyway my pre-wedding photoshoot from Bliss will be ready soon!

Any other updates?

Have started writing names on the cards, deciding who to be in my guest list. Stamping the circle design on all of my friends' envelops. As expected, Dad's guest list grew long. Looks like we will need to order more food. Since he's forking out for the food, he asked me to just keep quiet. -.-

I need to settle the honeymoon. Book travel insurance and our final accommodation at London. Speaking of which, I have been on a winter clothing shopping spree every now and then. I might just show you guys some of my cheap winter buys in the next entry. Daiso has started selling heat packs by the way! I just spent like $16 worth of heat packs. They have the stick on type and the 'hand held' type. I hope they'll keep me warm, I am scared of cold so kental like that.

Okay, they looked something like this.

And this is random but I think this boots from Timberland is pretty! But to spend on this when I don't go winter holidays often is not a good idea right? And pink is kinda hard to match although I can think of many clothes to go with this haha.

Okay moving on, presenting to you my bunga pahar which my very good friend painstakingly hand-stitched! They are made of felt cloth. I love it! Now persuading her to do more haha. For more hand-stitched stuff, visit Peska Pop on FB and Instag. :)

Okay, that's it. I mean I can talk more about my wedding progress but I guess enough of me talking hah.


  1. talk more lahhhh i want to listen hehehe

    1. Haha you sure you wanna listen? I shy la hehe *action malu*. Later I talk non-stop then you know. Haha.

  2. me too, me too, love the bunga pahar, soooooooooo cute neh!

    1. Cute cause the flowers round round like balls! Haha.

  3. Yes! Splurge on rings! Don't be like me and now gatal want to upgrade and change here change there.. Cost more in the end. You want to minimize ring envy later after marriage ;) I adore your bunga pahar <3<3<3

    1. If possible I want to splurge on everything but that's not possible for my case so yes I chose to splurge on one thing only, and that's the ring! It is somewhat the physical "symbol" of our wedding and we're gonna wear for a very long time, so yeah. Justifiable to splurge on rings. Hehe. And thank you!