Monday, April 28, 2014

Avani Speang Goldcoast Resort

So we stayed at the above resort for 3 days and 2 nights. Was it enough? No! Actually it was enough to cover the activities and all by the resort cause honestly there were not many things to do there and it's quite a distance from KL city itself. But I didn't find 3 days and 2 nights enough because the resort itself is a nice place to stay at that I wish we could stay there longer.

We took Jetstar from Singapore then we took a cab to the resort itself. I can't remember how much we spent on the cab but we skipped the first few 'Taxi Counters' and went straight to the one downstairs where the cab is uglier but cheaper haha. About 45 minutes from KLIA to Sepang, I think. Okay I'm bad at remembering details.

When we reached the resort and checked-in, the rooms were so nice! Okay my expectation for this trip was low so yeah when I saw the rooms I liked them a lot haha. My SIL and family booked the bigger family room while Zai and I got the normal superior room.

Pictures of our room:

 SIL's room was bigger with another room and a bathtub cause she took the family room. 

 And we had to either walk or cycle everywhere we went. 

I tried their buffet breakfast and lunch, quite nice actually. A lot of variety.

Early morning grumpy face.

We also tried the other restaurant's food for lunch/dinner.


 View at night. :)

 View in the day.  :)

At the Kids Club. They couldn't wait to leave the kids here and do other stuff haha.

Since I couldn't join in the Go Kart and ATV, I played with the kids for awhile, while Zai, his sister and BIL enjoyed the adult games. -.-

 The adult games which I am not allowed to participate in, in case I fell etc etc. :/

He ended up sleeping here while his sister and I did some painting.



Last day camwhoring.

He gave up with my camwhoring, as usual.


You can take a shuttle bus to KL if you want to. We didn't cause we didn't have enough time to actually spend an entire day at KL. The restaurants there are not very cheap neither expensive, comparable to the prices in Singapore la. The place is far from any shopping centres so it's just the resort, itself. 

Oh and we (including my sister) finally decided to go Bangkok in June (during my birthday! hehe). Not my first choice. I was looking forward to a relaxing trip being 6 months pregnant by then, but someone suggested Bangkok and somehow Zai and my sister agreed (being a shopaholic sister). Zai's been there a few times so I will just leave everything to him. I just hope I can have all the energy to shop by then. Haha. Oh, we wanted to take a budget plane initially but Zai saw a good deal on SIA so we're flying with SIA. Wee~ our first time haha. Not to mention, my first time to Thailand! Yeah I've been to Europe but not Thailand or most other SEA countries. :/

For now, can't wait for Wednesday for check-up (might know baby's gender!). And finally I'm doing something about the reno. Zai hasn't done anything about the reno so I told him to just continue being complacent and I'll decide everything. Angry know. -.-


  1. Wah bestnya min!!
    Malaysia Truly Asia!!!

    1. Hehe macam promote Visit Malaysia campaign pulak eh.

  2. Don't angry, just decide everything to your taste hehehe. Anyway the resort looks very nice!!

    1. Haha yes that's what I'm gonna do. Will just decide what I feel works then tell him. :P

  3. eh eh macam glowy glowy muka. Lol
    Especially the last picture! And if Zai is complacent, u can take charge and choose anything you want. He pay! hahaha

    1. Glowy glowy because happy during holidays. Kalau stuck at work in Singapore, muka no more glow haha. That's was what I told him! I will decide but he pays hahahah. I think he trusts my taste la but I don't trust his. =X